One night as I gazed at the heavens
the moon rose over my head
There, its bright rays lengthened
And its bright light over the waters spread.

I sat there thinking and dreaming;
Dreaming, dear heart, of you.
I wondered if you were lonely
And thinking of me too.

A nightingale flew past me
And perched on a tree near by
It raised its tiny, throbbing voice
to the cloudless summer sky.

Its song was tenderly sweet
Soft, kind, loving and true;
It seemed to me as if it sang
Of sunshine, flowers and you.

Ralph L. Clark ©


You Are

Lord, you are my inspiration,
Without your guidance I'd be lost.
I'd still be searching for my salvation,
Had you not died upon the cross.

Every morning you are my sunshine.
You are my light when darkness falls.
You are my strength in times of weakness.
You are my fortress when troubles call.

I don't know what I'd do without you.
I'd be a vessel lost at sea.
I'd be a sparrow with a broken wing.
If you weren't standing next to me.

And I know when my life has ended,
You'll call me home to your bright shore.
I'll live forever beneath your wings, Lord.
Safe in your harbor evermore.

© 2005 by Vickie Lambdin

E Mail

Love's Embrace

Together we’ll have love’s happiness,
Together we’ll have love’s embrace,
And Yes we’ll forever be in love,
For only are we through God’s grace.

I will always love you my darling,
Our love comes from a higher place,
Together we'll always be one love,
Together we'll have love's embrace.

Wrap me in your arms Oh my darling,
With your sweet lips upon my face,
Take my heart and make it yours today,
Let us be one in love's embrace.

Together we'll be heavenly love,
Together we'll be love's embrace,
Hold me closer right now my darling,
Our love will always live in place.

©Sondra McPherson
October 6, 2005

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Isaiah 26:3-4

Oh God, I need a stillness,
deep within my soul,
that I may feel You ever near,
'though troubled waters roll.

Oh God, I need a stillness
to wait more patiently.
I know You hear my longing cry.
I know You'll answer me.

Oh God, I need a stillness
to meditate and pray,
a time to get to know You, Lord,
much better every day.

Oh God, I need a stillness,
my dry soul to renew.
I need Thy Holy Spirit's power
to fill me through and through.

Oh God, I need a stillness
to know Your perfect will,
to walk the path You’d have me walk.
To hear, "My child, be still".

© Helen Dowd


He Touches Me

God touches me in the garden
when I see a flower in bloom;
He touches me when I think of the beauty
awaiting in His "Upper Room".

When I pray I listen -
for answers I need so much;
That is when I can freely feel
the gentleness of His touch.

God touches me through a sunrise,
Colours changing every day;
He touches me so I watch, in awe,
at the beauty of each today.

The sun going down in the evening,
the moon and stars at night;
These are just a taste of Heaven
if I live my life by His Light.

God touches me with the quiet whispers
that come throughout the night;
He touches me that He listens and knows
my happiness and my fright.

The sense of calm He gives to me!
Lord, I am but one;
A lowly sinner praying you'll have me
In your cool garden beyond the sun.

God touches me with angel friends
that walk upon this land;
He touches me when He knows I need
someone to hold my hand.

Perhaps I'm one of Your angels, Lord,
answering another's need;
If so, I'm the one who is truly blessed
as my hungers You do feed.

God touches me through the children,
their lives so pure and sweet;
He touches me when I think of how
they sit trustingly 'round His feet.

Let me, Oh Lord, be childlike -
let my life be lived for Thee;
I long for the beauty of Your "Upper Room"
and the peace I will find there with Thee.

Copyright Joan Adams Burchell



Today the snow is falling
The sky is dark and gray,
Yet my heart knows a place
Where flowers bloom each day.

The wind is brisk and blustery.
Swirling the snow around,
Still, in my heart I know
Where wild ferns can be found.

Deep within an Emerald forest
There's a lovely little glade
Where the sun is always bright
And springtime never fades.

I wander there in reverie
Beside a gentle, babbling brook,
And the canopy of a mighty Oak
Becomes my own cozy nook.

It's a place for quiet reflection,
A place for humble prayer,
And in the peaceful stillness
My Saviour meets me there.

I forget about the snow,
The wind and gray skies overhead,
For deep within my heart
I know my soul has been fed.

So when skies are dark and gloomy
I don't let it worry me.
I retreat to my world within
Where I'm content as I can be.

©Lora Cox


Winter Tranquillity

Deep within the forest,
Where all is still and quite,
A peaceful hush has settled,
Upon this winter night.

Snowflakes by the hundreds,
Gently swirl around,
Laying a winter blanket,
Upon the frosty ground.

Millions of twinkling stars,
Kiss the winter night.
As majestically the forest,
Dons a regal robe of white.

Moonbeams dance and dart,
Among the tall oak trees,
The only sound that's heard
Is the frosty winter breeze.

Evergreens now dressed,
In pure and snowy white.
Shimmer like tiny diamonds
Beneath the pale moonlight.

Adorned in Mother Nature's
Finest winter dress
The darkened forest slumbers,
In quite and peaceful rest.

Snow laden trees,
Bend as if in prayer.
Not a single sound
Disturbs the silence in the air.

The landscape adorned in white
Looks like a fairyland.
A masterpiece created,
By the Master's loving hand.

©Carrie Robision ~ January 2004


Jesus Saved Me

He fills my mind, my heart, my life.
My soul within denies me strife.
His word I crave to learn and know
To polish my being through life I go.
He's wiped away tears that I shed,
Mornings faced I no longer dread.
My life holds hope for me at last,
Jesus saved me from sins of past.

He's brought repentance to my soul,
Wrapped in love as I grow old.
My desert turned to harvest's yield,
Cleansed my weeds out in the field,
Became a rose out in my garden,
From life's dark He's given me pardon,
An example for the world to see,
Jesus saved me from sins of folly.

He's given me faith without measure,
A cup of wisdom more than pleasure.
Salvation for my weary heart,
At the cross, He tossed the dart
That refined me like a precious gem,
Giving credit to only Him.
Not a decision made with haste,
Jesus saved me from sins of waste.

@ 2003 Carol Dee Meeks


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