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Oh, my love,
wherefore art thou
All that I have been,
all that I now am,
and all that I ever will be
is in search of your loving touch,
your special magic, and your essence
These silent tears, which burn my throat
and pull asunder all my temporal illusions,
give birth to my absolute certainty that we will
be reunited in the fullness of space and time
Yet this evening, as the nightingale taunts me
with the unequivocal wonder of your existence,
I feel the full measure of not being with you
and find myself hungrily longing for a sign
that you're aware of my love for you,
my absolute devotion to your being,
and the infinite splendor
of looking into each
other's eyes.

dennis j hopkins


"Beyond The Sea"

Upon my lofty perch I view,
across the mystic sea,
a stretch of never ending blue
that spreads on endlessly.

Climbing up the spacious skies
on in to heaven's gate,
and winds it's way to paradise,
where God and angels wait!

Beyond horizon's secret realms
my yearning heart explores,
like captains at their guiding helms,
in search for safer shores.

Somewhere beyond the rolling waves,
this gateway beckons me;
and in my soul a calmness lays,
while searching to be free!

William E. Hardison / copyrights recorded


Reaching Out

Is it such a crime to get excited as I do?
I just can't hold in my feelings
when something good
Falls in my path
Then there are the times
Things could have passed right by
If I had not been brave enough to explore
Hoping to find a new ingredient
To add to the potpourri of self
Do you think it's silly to get excited as I do?
Well damn, I discovered something new today
I Discovered You!!

Copyright Michaela Brightwell 2004

E Mail

Dear Moon

Moon - where are you
I need you tonight
To fill my life
with your lovely light.
To cast your rays
upon my sorrow
To give me hope
for a happy tomorrow.

Why are you hiding
behind those trees,
Silvery slivers
sent to tease.
Moon - dear moon
I lost my love
I need you to shed
your light from above.

Touch my heart
And touch his too
And bring him home
I beg of you.
Perhaps he will see
your silvery glow
Perhaps he will want
again to know.

How much I remember
About our time
How very much
We were in rhyme
Where did it go
Why must it wane?
Do you know
Do I cry in vain?

My heart is broken
Can't you see
Beautiful moon
Send him home to me

Copyright Anne Byam 2004


These Silent Tears

My heart just stopped, frozen with pain,
As my silent tears fell down like rain.
You walked away and left me here,
Drowning in these silent tears.

Our love was strong, our love was true.
We conquered fears, like lovers do.
But, then the days turned into years,
And you turned away from my silent tears.

Maybe someday soon, you'll return to find,
You've missed the love you left behind.
Then you'll remember as the past re-appears,
How you just ignored these silent tears.

And when you remember,
I'll await your call.
Then these silent tears,
Will cease to fall.

Copyright Vickie Lambdin


My Little Angel

I have a little Angel
I carry along with me
She sits upon my shoulder
for all the world to see.
I love this little Angel
you can see her if you try
If you kiss her cheek
you can almost hear her cry.
I have a name for my little Angel
I call her "Mother" dear
Whenever I pray
she is always near.
Everyone has a little Angel
they should open their eyes to see
Within their hearts they are special
and will live in eternity.

Copyright Linda Ann Henry

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