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Looking Back

If ever we look back in time,
See bad things turned to good,
We have glimpsed our Father's mercy,
As promised that we would

We can trace God's hand in our life,
And have the assurance,
That He transformed wrong things to right.
He gave us endurance.

As we face the uncertainties,
That each new day may bring,
God knows what we are facing and,
To His promise we can cling.

Our God gives us hope and mercy,
For us He is concerned.
These are the things He promised us,
For these we all do yearn.

We can choose to live above regrets.
Accept His joy and peace.
Know that He's watching over us,
His love will never cease.

© ~southbreeze~

E Mail

My Dreams

Oh, let me dream, (Itís only right)
To run, to jump, so long (so high),
To pass the ball, right to the sky,
To ski, to skate, and even ... fly
And never ask the question,"Why?"

It gives me such release to know,
In dreams, I can excel and go!
I feel it all - Iíím very strong!
My legs are muscled, straight and long.
My hands can clutch and hold so tight.
I have a warriorís strength and might!

And when I wake to face the day,
I know Iíll do...another way.
But with my mind, Iíll play the game;
To make life worth the effort - pain.

One day, Iíll wake to sleep no more,
Bedazzled by a golden shore
And I wonít dream ~ but, I WILL run.
Iíll laugh and shout with Godís own Son!

'Til then, Iíll serve with body frail;
So very weak and sometimes pale.
I know it will be worth it all.
Iíll hold my faith 'til clarion call.
Iíll dream my dreams, until I see
The Lord of Mercy set me free!

©© 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner

Joan Clifton Costner

"Don't Laugh at Me"

I'm God's little miracle, born into a world of sin.
Though life can be cruel, I get by as best I can.

My heart is so tender, my hopes are in you
To tell me who I am, to guide what I'll be.

My load is heavy, not at all like yours.
Though I may falter, don't close the door.

Created like God, a soul, don't you see?
You laugh at Him when you laugh at me.

© Joyce Lock

If Faith Had Wings

If Faith had wings, then I could fly
Just like an eagle, soaring high
Above the clouds and skies, so blue;
I'd show you just what Faith can do.

I'd circle mountains, fields, and streams;
Rebuild your hopes and shattered dreams.
I'd wipe away your lonely tears
And conquer all of your doubts and fears.

I'd fly you to my sacred place
That's filled with love, and peace, and grace.
I'd show you how to move a mountain
And how to part the sea,
Or, drink pure water from Heaven's fountain;
If you would just believe.

We'd fly with angels by our side.
Within God's realm we would abide
And with your courage, and strength anew,
You'd see for yourself what Faith could do.

Copyright Vickie Lambdin 2001

E Mail

Winter Song

Traveling in her mind
to many magic places
filled with wondrous dreams
and gentle warm embraces;
Now only clouds of memories
whisper from her past
of music, song and laughter
all gone so much - too fast.
Now nothing is quite the same
as when life was all aglow
with what was or could have been
all of it melted - like snow.
A single love left behind
with memories soft as dew
as the tears upon her cheek
all gone - without a clue.
A glowing ember burns within
wrapped in love's cocoon
for her gentle winter song
so swiftly gone - too soon.

Copyright 2003 by Carol Barton

Carol Barton

Where the Flowers Never Fade.

I love to walk in the garden
Inhaling the sweet scents that fill the air
Where the flowers bloom so lovely
As butterflies, dance with grace so fair.

But with the years and seasons
The blooms come and go
It is then I look forward to springtime
For the flowers to bud and grow.

There I sit in amazement
In what is held before my eyes
Sitting in the garden
My spirit soars and flies.

When God finally calls me Home
When my soul is taken Heavens way
In the garden filled with love and peace
I will see the angels laugh and play.

Where the sun shines so sweetly
Each and every day
It is there... I'll walk through the grandest garden
Where the flowers never fade.

By Brenda Conley (c) 2002

Brenda Conley