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There’s a quiet place I love to go,
Where memories, like blossoms grow
And each memory is a petal sweet
That blooms forever in my retreat.

The seeds were planted long ago
Deep in the garden of my soul,
And each petal holds a special place
Reminding me of a special face.

In my garden are blossoms, Oh, so rare
And I tend to each with loving care,
For when days are dull , nights are weary
And life seems a little too dreary,

I can go and pick a lovely bouquet
From seeds planted along life’s way,
Turning my world into spring
And I wouldn’t exchange it for anything.

©Lora Cox

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Storm Clouds

When the storm clouds circle,
Hovering overhead
I'll be there beside you,
To calm your fear and dread.

When you can't stop weeping,
Till tears can flow no more
I'll be there beside you
To ease a heart that's sore.

When life's a heavy burden,
Which seems too much to bear
I'll be right beside you
To show you that I care.

When one day gentle breezes
Blow all the clouds away,
I'll still be there beside you,
To share that joyous day.

Copyright Rose Moss

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Clock keeps ticking
You are you and I am I,
Birds still twitter their songs,
No time for sorrow and cry.

Somewhere in our dreams,
We'll see you standing there.
You look at us with a smile,
"Life isn't always fair!"

My arms can no longer hug you,
Or even squeeze you tight,
"But I'm here no matter what you do.
Maybe this time not in sight."

We all have our treasured memories with you,
Each one stuck in our heart,
Now what am I going to do,
Now it's time for us to part?.

Laughter even tears,
That's what kept us so strong.
Memories shared, even years,
Nothing could ever go wrong.

I wish I could have said "goodbye"
Maybe then I wouldn't cry.
But why couldn't you stay?
I had "unspoken" words to say!

Copyright Laura Millington (Aged 16)

Used with permission. Thank you Laura


'Tis said that in the heavens
of the stars we view from earth,
each represents a person
whom God assigns at birth.

Yes, those countless stars agleaming,
there's one for you and me,
every twinkle has a meaning,
that figures God's decree.

Which means our souls rejoices
in everlasting life;
by making best of choices;
accepting Jesus Christ!

That when a life is passing,
some see a streaming light,
and someone says: "God's catching.
a falling star tonight"!

By William E. Hardison
(copyrights recorded)



Just a mere mortal am I
with just one wish before I die.
To see the beauty of God's world unfold
through the eyes of the poets of old.

To walk behind them, in their shadow
over mountains,stream, and meadow ...
Joyfully being in their presence, breathing the same air.
My soul drfting with theirs, without a care.

If only I could feel as they, and say the things they say.
But destined am I, foolish and blind.
Oh, how wretched, to be of a common mortal mind
and only read verses immortals have signed.

But before my soul gives one last sigh
and I have not time to cry or wonder why ..
I pray then read me verses of Byron or Wordsworth
and I shall pass through death, to my new birth.

My soul shall meet with theirs on high!

Copyright Barbara LaBarbera

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I Sit Alone

I sit alone, wishing you were here
For I miss you so much my dear.
How can I enjoy this beautiful day,
Knowing you are so far away.

The sky is a soft shade of blue
With only a fluffy cloud or two.
But, my heart can not appreciate it,
For it is all alone here that I sit.

If only we could be together,
Storm clouds or sunny weather,
Would make no difference, you see,
If only you were here beside me.

Love is such a wonderous thing,
And much happiness it can bring.
But, with you so far across the sea,
My total happiness just can not be.

Copyright Kay Brewer

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The Gift Of Love

When clouds of doubt
have blinded me,
You shine your Love
so that I may see.

When fear leaves me naked,
shivering with cold
You pause with hand extended
to lighten up my load.

When for guidance and inspiration
my thirsty soul does ache,
You quench it with wisdom
dipped from Spirit's lake.

And so I stand here grateful
to you and God above
That I am blessed to witness
the reality that is Love.

Copyright Anne Maloney 2004

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