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As We Walk

I turn my eyes to the heavens,
And know God hears my prayer.
I know He watches over me,
All day I feel Him there.

We walk together side by side,
And talk by waters still.
He reassures and comforts me,
My heart with love does fill.

Whenever my days are dark and drear,
I know that he is there.
When I fall He lifts me up and,
Is there with tender care.

My hand in His, Iím not afraid,
As I journey through the day.
I know that with His love and strength,
He will make a way.

Copyright Southbreeze

Thank you South

Heaven Sent

Loved ones are never really given
They are always heaven sent.
No matter how long we have them,
They are truly only lent.

No human soul on earth
Can own the essence of another
No matter what the kinship
Be it parent, child or brother.

When god calls his children home,
Our hearts seem then to break:
What god saw fit to lend
He has every right to take.

May our loved ones be aware
Upon our appointed time of leaving
That our time on earth is short
Because our father is receiving.

Copyright ©2003 Chris Johnson

Touched By An Angel

Have you ever been touched by an angel,
One with invisible wings,
But you could swear you spotted a halo
Above the head of this spiritual dream?

Angels come with many disguises
And some we won't recognize.
But, you can tell they really are angels
By the imprint they leave on our lives.

These angels are filled with God's Spirit
And sent to earth, as part of His plan.
They're sustained with His love,
Sent from Heaven above,
Just waiting for the Master's command.

So, be careful how you treat a stranger.
For, they may not be strangers at all.
They stand, waiting for Heaven's instructions,
To catch you and me when we fall.

Copyright Vickie Lambdin 2003

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Thank you Vickie

The White Rose

A white rose bloomed outside the door
On the day that we first met,
Its name was Peace its fragrance Joy,
Now the rose is gone but yet...

Peace sleeps awhile through winters cold
And Joy is held fast in minds time,
But when the white rose blooms again
The memory of Peace is sublime.

For I see in that rose a symbol
In its purity the grace of a dove,
Just a beautiful part of creation
That was planted and nurtured with love.

Copyright 1999 Helen Arnold.

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Used with permission - thank you Helen

My Dreams

I touch your hand, I kiss your lips,
But, this is only in my dreams.
I feel your touch, I feel your kiss.
That, to me, is the way it seems.

You whisper sweet words of love
Which I hold closely in my heart.
You may be so very far away,
But, in my dreams never far apart.

I hear your laugh, see your smile.
I see my love reflected in your eyes.
A wonderous thing, these dreams of mine.
For it is here that my happiness lies.

I have to wonder, and hope, my dear
If you are sharing these dreams with me,
For to learn that I am all alone
Would surely break my heart you see.

Copyright Kay Brewer 2003

Conversation with God

Of blessings You've given me, Lord
I give thanks each day as I kneel and adore.
It's hard to imagine the plan of Your Hands
When life has me trapped by its many demands,

I worry and fret, I'm plagued by concern
To the point I don't know which way to turn.
What is the reason, why am I here?
What am I to be, for those I hold dear?

Show me Your will, help me understand,
Speak to me Lord! I'll do all I can.
Guide me when I lose Your way,
Guard my tongue in all I say.

Speak to me, Lord! I need much more
So I don't lose Your way, I humbly implore.
And while I'm so bold, each one of the needs
Of family and friends, grant them Lord, please!

Copyright Mary Palmer 2003

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Moonlight In Paradise

Like moonlight dancing across the water,
Your memory skips through my mind...
Leaving me with a feeling of serenity
Until we are together once again.

Janeane Bolton © 2002

Used with written permission

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So Perfectly in Tune

So perfectly in tune,
Like a vintage violin
You and I walk hand in hand
Beneath the moon again.

Our hearts are keeping beat
to the melody of love
So in step are we
Beneath the stars above

Our love, so waited for...
We're so lucky and so blessed
Our hearts now beat as one
Contented, and at rest.

That warmth still fills my heart
When you gaze into my eyes
And I'm so thankful for your love
Heaven's gift of sweet surprise.

by Janeane Bolton © 2002

Used with written permission

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