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True Love Never Dies

Some memories just never go away,
They stay in the mind day after day.
It seems some loves never die
It makes no difference how hard you try.

Those words of love, so tender and true,
So often exchanged by them and you;
Those passionate kisses so willingly shared,
Knowing for each other you truly cared.

Yes, some things we simply never forget,
In our minds they are so firmly set:
Makes no difference, yesterday or long ago,
Those memories will always continue to flow.

For they are stored not only in the mind,
But, also engraved on the heart you find.
To erase those memories you may try,
Only to find that true live will never die.

Copyright Kay Brewer


God's Paintings Are Best

Since God created earth
Many great painters have emerged
But none of these great painters' works
Warrants the honor God's paintings deserves.

Whether it be sunsets, sunrises, sunny days
Or stormy days God paints their beauty best
I believe all painters willingly agree
God's paintings are superior to all the rest.

Because only God can make a tree
And God alone paints pictures perfectly...

God's paintings are best...

Ralph L. Clark
24 SEP 2003


A Peaceful World

He lives, today, within my heart;
His love is everywhere.
Hear the birds' most-joyful songs
and see the crocus fair.

Feel the sunshine on your face
or smell the springtime rain;
His touch makes darkness disappear -
the moon and stars we gain.

If we can wisely shut out hate,
this beauty will not cease;
His canvas of the earth is meant
for love and world-wide peace.

Joan Adams Burchell
written March 7, 2003


If I Were A Color

If I were a color,
Which one would I be,
The green of the grass
Or the blue of the sea?

If I were a color,
Selecting only one;
The brown of the earth
Or the red of the sun.

If I were a color,
What if I chose
The yellow of moonlight
Or the pink of a rose?

But God, in His wisdom,
Makes no such demand.
We're each one a rainbow,
To brighten the land.

The rainbow's a promise,
To state and insure ...
If fear is the illness
Then, love is the cure.

by Chris T. Johnson


Dear God above, with all Your love
You gave Your son to me;
a friend in deed, my soul in need,
He died to set me free.

Christ braved the cross and took the loss
to save us all from sins,
we must believe as we conceive
His love that never ends.

With special goals to save our souls;
great wonders to perceive.
So let us all be more like Him
and give what we receive.

Copyright Bill Hardison 1999



Who put the "grand" in grandchildren?
It surely was God above!
He knew there would be a time in our lives,
When we would need their kind of love.
So, we must always be there for them,
With a love so tender yet strong,
Teaching them the things we taught our kids,
While passing the faith along!

Copyright Robert F.Dotson

A Poet For Christ

Let me touch a heart today
Let me lessen their pain
Enable me to write the words
To help them believe again.

Let me sooth a tortured soul
That turns away from you
Because they fear there is no hope
Help me show them that's not true.

Let me teach by example, Lord
Guide me in all I do
Let me touch someone's soul today
So I can lead them back to you.

Beatrice Boyle Copyright 2001


Used with permission


Everything that you ever were
in all your earlier times
has gone
Everything that you are
in just a moment
is gone
Everything that you will be
in all your future times
will be gone
So, all of you
has, is, and will be
except for one thing
Your soul
And what will your soul
take with it
when you're gone

Copyright dennis j hopkins

E Mail

Used with permission

The Rainbow

Storms always come in the spring of life,
There's always struggle and dealings with strife,
There's always some searching and quite a few tears.
But no storm can last forever dear.

You will be proud when you look back
That you made it through...still intact.
For the clouds will break and the sun come through
And God will shine a rainbow for you!

Poem copyrighted by
Joan Clifton Costner

All rights reserved


God Still Comforts His Own

If angels can speak great words from above,
And fly with wings of God's given love ...

If chariots can ride over dark clouds,
And instruments can sing praises out loud ...

If sparrows can stand on the housetop alone,
Then God still comforts His own.

by Joyce C. Lock


He's by your Side

Moment by moment and day by day,
Our Lord goes with us all of the way.

We need never fret. We need not fear.
We should not worry, our Savior is near.

When we feel anxious, Satan has lied.
May we remember, He's by our side.

by Joyce C. Lock