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Voice of the Forest

Take a leisurely walk in the woods
Beauty abounds, just take a peek.
Nature’s palette has created the goods
Amid calm and quiet let the forest speak.

Lean upon the trunk of an old oak tree
Life surrounds, have yourself a look.
Observe the sights laid out before thee
See the leaves turn like pages in a book.

Wander the foliage grown upon the earth
Potter around, take note of the greenery.
Discover the spread of nature’s cool mirth
Engulfed in the arms of pleasing scenery.

As you end your visit to this natural florist
Tidings resound, listen for the word.
Uncover the promise in the voice of the forest
In the stillness the bounty of life can be heard.

© 2002 Ruth Cox


Wind Flowers

White floral delicate
On such slender stems
Doing their wind dance
Just one of God's gems.

Proudly they stand
when the wind is asleep
Opening their eyes
when the sun takes a peep.

Mid all other colours
surrounding them there,
Their pristine white beauty
So pure and rare.

Watching them sway
and dance to the breeze
or bend to the storm
with relative ease.

Teaches small wonders
Lessons so true
Dance to, and enjoy
each day given to you.

Bend but don't break
to things that distress
be like the wind flower
....... and be blessed.

© Original poem by Anne N. Byam.

E Mail

My Angel

I see you in dreams now:
You vanish by day.
I wish you could linger
To hear what I say.

Like how much I love you
And need you forever.
How bonds close as ours were
Death cannot sever.

I want to embrace you
And hold you so tight:
To see you at daybreak
When you melt with the night.

And yet through those mists,
I sense you are near.
Healing my sorrow,
Soothing my fear.

You'll be my sweet angel,
To guard and to guide:
Till we're reunited
To walk side by side.

Copyright Rose Moss

Used with permission


Soul Supporting Soul

A rose set in a desert
Will not a garden make
A single drop of water
Will never form a lake.

A lone tree with one apple
Is not enough to share
A daisy's not a daisy
Without the petals there.

In every part of nature
In earth and sky and sea
The parts must fit together
To set the beauty free.

Man was made for woman
Two parts to make a whole
As it is in God's own plan
Soul supporting soul.

Copyright Chris Johnson 2001

You Are Loved

May God reach down
and love you
in His own special way.

May you know
you're loved,
each and every day.

May you see,
from God's dear eyes,
the value of your worth.

May His love show you
the most precious things
on this earth.

Joyce C. Lock ©


Baby Faces

Chubby cheeks and eyes aglow
Hair of gold and button nose
Giggles squeals of much delight
Tiny feet tromp through the night

Singing songs of lullabies
Hush little baby please don't cry
Looking for the teddy bear
He must be in the rocking chair

Sweet dreams my precious tiny child
Angels guarding with a smile
Let me hold you near my heart
And my love to you impart.

by Marie Williams © 2002


One Sweet Smile

Anytime I feel downhearted
Or I'm feeling kinda blue
All I ever need to do
Is stop and take a look at you.

You always have a ready smile
To share with all you know
If ever you're discouraged
You never let it show.

It lifts me up and makes me smile
To have a friend like you
Because I know you really care
By all the things you do.

My sweet friend remember this
In whatever you say or do
Nothing more could mean as much
As one sweet smile from you.

Copyright ~ Southbreeze ~

Poem used with permission

A Blessing

It seems that God sends blessings
In very mysterious ways.
He always finds the perfect time
To brighten all our days.

He finds someone to be our friend,
Someone who really cares,
A friend to fill the lonely hours;
An answer to all our prayers.

He blesses us all with laughter
And the gift of understanding,
To brighten up the lives of those
Who's needs seem so demanding.

The Lord, He blessed my heart
With many a wonderful friend.
I thank you, Lord, most humbly
For the happiness they lend.

Copyright © by Claytia Doran

It Might Take A Bucket Of Tears

You think your tears are hidden
But your Guardian Angel is near
Sent straight down from Heaven
To collect each and every tear.

Your Angel will watch over you
No matter how long it takes
And will always be there
When you're sleeping or awake.

It might take a bucket of tears
To wash your heartbreak away
But your Angel will catch them all
Because your Angel is here to stay.

One day when you can smile again
Your angel will be smiling too
Knowing God is watching and happy
One of his Angels was there beside you.

Ralph L. Clark ©

Used with permission