The Summer flowers are fading,
The land is slowly changing;
As Autumn shows its face
All nature's re-arranging.

From the trees the rustling leaves
Are slowly drifting down;
Russet, bronze and amber
And yellow turning brown.

As they fall upon the ground
They carpet field and fold,
And in their resting place
The earth seems dipped with gold.

We say goodbye to Summer,
Welcome mellow Autumn days
With the beauty all around us
God's handiwork we praise.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/03

A Carer's Prayer

I hope you will forgive me Lord
If some days I forget to pray.
It isn't that I don't need You
But my duties get in the way.

You see, when my days are busy,
I'm rushing here and there,
At everyone's beck and call
With not a moment to spare.

I need to spend time with You
To help me meet life's demands,
For I couldn't face the future
Without You holding my hands.

But whenever I forget to pray, Lord,
Please forgive my erring ways,
It isn't that I don't need You
It's just one of those busy days.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/03

A Loyal Friend

You are a ray of sunshine
In a world that's sometimes grey.
The magic of your company
Will brighten up the day.

You've guided me through bad times
Wiped away my tears,
And brought me so much joy
As we've travelled through the years.

It warms my heart to know
You chose me as your friend,
A loyal, loving person,
On whom I can depend.

If I could have one wish,
I'd make it just for you,
I'd ask God for His blessing
In everything you do.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


True friendship is a gift
Shared by hearts that care;
As you travel on life's road,
A true friend is always there.

When happiness eludes you
And everything goes wrong,
She'll walk with you each mile
Though the road is hard and long.

Then when the storm clouds pass;
The sun comes out once more.
She'll celebrate your joy;
She knows what friends are for.

It is a gift from God
To have a friend that's true,
Who walks along life's path
Sharing each step with you.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Grandma's Garden

I remember Grandma's garden
Where clematis climbed the wall,
Sunflowers grew in profusion,
Standing so proud and tall.

Lilies and roses were neighbours,
Colours of pink, white and blue,
And somewhere in between them
A stray poppy came into view.

In careless and gay abandon
The flowers had grown and spread,
It was such a picture of beauty
Created in each flower bed.

Now, when I glimpse a garden,
With borders all tidy and neat,
I smile as I think of Grandma's
Where nothing was ever complete.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Angels all Around

Angels are all around us,
Flying on wings so light;
They come to give us comfort
In the still hours of the night.

God sent these Guardian Angels
To protect us from all harm,
And gave them special powers,
To keep our spirits calm.

So if your heart is troubled,
Your world no longer bright,
Just call upon an angel
To surround you with her light.

You may feel her tender touch
Like the gentle wing of a dove
While her loving arms enfold you
To bring healing through God's love.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

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