God's Peace in the Mountains

My heart was full of sorrow
So I climbed a mountain high.
I looked down on God's creation
Then threw my worries to the sky.

Higher and higher they drifted
Through the endless space:
I prayed that God would take them,
These problems I couldn't face.

I knew that He would guide me
If I put my trust in Him,
I needed clearer vision
For my eyes were growing dim.

In the tranquil mountain air
I felt my worries cease:
God must have heard my cries
For my heart was filled with peace.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

God Bless You Today

May God bless your life today,
With so many beautiful things:
Sunshine, love and laughter;
The joy that friends can bring.

With happy thoughts and smiles
And nothing to bring you tears;
I pray for no-one to hurt you
Or cause you to have any fears.

For when the day has ended
And long shadows softly creep;
I pray that God will bless you
With a night of peaceful sleep.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

A Mother's Love

A mother's love is special
A love beyond compare
It's patient and forgiving,
Non-judgemental, always fair.

Tender warm and caring,
As no other love could be,
It sparkles like a diamond
For all the world to see.

At the start of all creation,
God made a love of gold,
He placed it in a mother's heart
Its beauty to behold.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Memory Lane,

There is a place in every heart,
They call it Memory Lane,
Where thoughts of loved ones lost
Forever will remain.

God made this special place
When He first created man,
For He knew it would be needed,
As part of our life's plan.

He knew when loved ones left us,
We'd need some time to heal,
To come to terms with sorrow
And the loneliness we'd feel.

So when you lose a loved one
And your life is filled with pain,
The comfort of their presence
Will be found in Memory Lane.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

God's Law

In a world that's filled with trouble,
There seems no place to go,
To escape from all the problems,
When life has dealt us a blow.

Perhaps there's a secret garden
Where only peace can grow?
A place to find some solace?
A seed of hope to sow?

A place where we can discover
What is here for every man.
Is our life just a passing moment,
Or are we part of a greater plan?

If we search the whole world over,
Will we find the garden one day?
Or have we become blind to the fact
That it may not be far away.

Tonight as I knelt in prayer,
I asked for the reason for life,
Where is a place we can go?
To escape all the trouble and strife.

There in my heart was the answer,
It was placed there a long time ago,
The kingdom of God is within us
That's where our spirit can grow.

We can turn from the world for a while,
And look in our hearts to explore
The promise He made to us all,
We'll find peace if we follow God's Law.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002.

Be Still

Be still and quietly listen
To a voice that's always there,
God promised not to leave us,
So draw close to Him in prayer.

Let go of fleeting thoughts
That clutter up your mind,
For in His loving presence
True wisdom you will find.

Be still and lean on Him,
Your worries all will cease,
For his everlasting love,
Will bring eternal peace.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

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