The Power of Thought

Send out caring thoughts,
On gentle, healing wings:
To reach around the world,
For thoughts are living things.

Send thoughts to those in sorrow;
Those in sickness and despair;
Like the ripples in a pond,
Thoughts spread everywhere.

Send thoughts of love and healing,
To each far distant shore,
And pray for all the nations
To be at peace once more.

From loving thoughts you send
Many miracles are wrought,
So never underestimate
The power of your thought.

Copyright Marian Jones 8/04


My heart is always willing Lord,
To serve You each new day;
To let Your light shine through me,
As I walk along life's way.

Give me words of wisdom,
To comfort those in need,
Let them see my love for You;
Feel Your presence in my deed.

As You guide me every day
Help me always to be kind.
And, when the day is over,
I'll have true peace of mind.

My heart is always willing Lord,
To serve with strength and grace,
And pray,when life has ended
I will see Your Heavenly face.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


Remember me with a smile
Now my life on this earth is done.
My dreams have all been fulfilled
And a new life has just begun.

Remember me with a smile
When grief may cause you to weep.
One day we will laugh once again
When our Heavenly meeting we keep.

Let's be thankful we shared precious love,
Keep the memories warm for a while,
Let them bring peace to your heart
And remember me - with a smile.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

God's Presence

I see you in the evening
and the darkness of the night.
You're with me in the morning,
when all the world is bright.

I feel you in a breeze,
like a tender warm embrace;
I feel you when a snowflake
falls softly on my face.

I hear you when it thunders
and the world seems at an end;
I hear you whisper softly,
'Don't fear I am your friend'.

I hear you in a bird song
the humming of the bees.
Your voice is strong and vibrant
in the waves of stormy seas.

I see, I feel, I hear you,
you're there in all I do,
guiding and protecting,
until my life is through.

Copyright 2002 Marian Jones

First Love

I wonder where you are now
First love of long ago?
Do you ever think about me;
Do sweet memories flow?

If by chance we met again,
Would we feel the same?
Or have the passing years
Extinguished love's old flame?

Could our love have lasted,
I often question why?
For I can't recall a quarrel
Before we said goodbye.

I wish I could remember;
Bring all the past to mind.
Though best that I forget you now;
Leave memories behind.

So many years have slipped away;
Different roads we've travelled too,
Yet sometimes in my sleep
I share sweet dreams with you.

I wake up in the morning;
Your presence seems so real.
Then I travel back in time,
Recalling how I used to feel.

Copyright 2002 Marian Jones

He Sees Your Tears

God sees the tears you're crying;
Understands the hurt you feel,
When someone lets you down
And you think your pain won't heal.

He wants to give you comfort
Soothe all your cares away;
Just turn to Him in prayer
And by your side He'll stay.

Ask for strength of will
To see this sadness through,
So the one that let you down,
Can't break your spirit too.

In life we meet unkindness
And find it hard forgiving,
But put your faith in God
He'll make your life worth living.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

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