Thoughts on a Winter's Day

Don't let the darkness of winter
Touch the corners of your mind.
Remember the beautiful things
That summer leaves behind.

Yet winter brings its own delights
Like waking on a winter's morn,
To find Jack Frost's paid a visit
And a beautiful picture he's drawn.

He arrives in the still of night
Scattering silver dust all around;
Icicles and orbs hang from the trees,
Crystal jewels lay on the ground.

The beauty of the white wonderland
Lifts our spirits once more
And at the end of winter's reign,
Spring will open wide its door.

Each season has its own treasures,
If we only have eyes to see,
The wonder of God's creation
His gift for you and for me.

Copyright Marian Jones 2011

A Place of Peace

How can I not remember you
When I still feel you near each day?
You're still in my heart and soul
Though the angels took you away.

How can I not remember you
When our love was truly the best?
But my pain is eased by knowing
You're in a place of peace and rest.

Remembering you comes easily,
By your love I was dearly blessed;
Now you've earned a place in eternity
A place of peace and rest.

Copyright Marian Jones 2011

A River of Dreams

Drifting on a river of dreams
I go back to my childhood days,
To the hills which once I knew;
The fields where I used to play.

Seen through innocent eyes,
The world was a magical place,
Safe, secure and content,
Life was lived at a slower pace.

Many things bring memories,
Wherever I choose to roam,
And memories always lead
To thoughts of my childhood home.

The years have passed so swiftly;
I've been through sadness and pain,
But on that river of dreams
I'm an innocent child once again.

Copyright Marian Jones 5/04


Nobody knows the pain she's in;
Her friends don't call any more;
Lost and alone in a world of her own
Since depression knocked on her door.

The strain of living this way
Can be seen in her pretty face.
She was once so full of vitality,
Now depression has taken its place.

Attempting to rise from this pit
She plays songs of yesterday,
How wonderful life was then
Until depression came her way.

She struggles to find an escape
From the black tunnel she's living in,
But with love and understanding
I pray this battle she'll win.

Copyright Marian Jones 5/04

A Little Bit of Heaven

A little bit of Heaven
Appeared on earth today,
I saw it through the window
And it took my breath away.

I thanked God for this gift
A token of His love,
For the beauty here on earth
And the blue skies up above.

I thanked Him for the seasons
That unfold before us all,
The pattern so perfected,
Winter through to Fall.

Today He sent a special sign
That Spring is on the way,
A snowdrop raised its tiny head
To create the perfect day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The Sunflower

It stands in the garden border,
So elegant and tall,
The lovely yellow sunflower,
The happiest flower of all.

It loves to hold its head high
Towards the Heavens above,
For it knows that God is watching
And tending it with love.

A lesson can be learned
From this gracious yellow flower,
It doesn't question how it grows,
But trusts God's wondrous power.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


I came up to a crossroads
And had to make a choice,
I asked God for His guidance
Then I heard an angel's voice.

You can take the path that's easy
Where life is filled with fun,
No-one there to check you
When a hurtful thing you've done.

You can think just of yourself,
Go seeking useless fame;
Will that bring you happiness
If you play this selfish game?

If you choose the other road
You'll always do whats fair,
Consider those whose lives are sad
Help broken hearts repair.

Some may take advantage
Of the kindness that you show,
But turn the other cheek
As along life's road you go.

The things that really matter
Are the simple things in life,
Bringing pure contentment,
Free from stress and strife.

The choice is yours alone
The angel said to me;
One road leads to sorrow,
The right road sets you free.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Lean on Him

Sometimes, in all our lives,
We have a cross to bear.
We think we're on our own
And long for someone to care.

We forget that God is watching,
Waiting to guide us through.
He understands how we feel,
Is sharing our sorrows, too.

Only He can see the future,
Knows what plans are in store,
And (with His grace and power)
He opens a brand new door.

Lean on Him to guide you.
For, He is holding the key
Solving all of life's problems,
In order that we can be free.

2002 by Marian Jones