Internet Friends

Although we've never met
In my heart I know you well;
Your ever welcome e-mails
Each have a tale to tell.

We talk about our families
Sympathise when things go wrong,
You always give encouragement
Which helps to keep me strong.

It seems I've always known you
A tried and trusted friend
You have such lovely qualities
On you I can depend.

We have become like sisters
For we share so many things.
I always will be grateful for
The joy our friendship brings.

I am sure you will agree,
'Twas a blessing that we met,
In this world of cyberspace,
Here on the internet.

Copyright Marian Jones 2009


I look for you in rainbows
Wondering where you are.
At night I search the sky,
Seek out the brightest star.

I walk through a field of gold
Beside a murmuring stream,
I think I hear your voice
But know it's just a dream.

In the coolness of a forest
I sense you drawing near.
Although you're gone forever,
Yet still I feel you here.

I climb the hills we loved
And wonder if it's true,
Wherever my journey takes me,
Maybe you're beside me too.

Copyright Marian Jones 2009


Letters kept in a velvet box
Faded by the passing years,
She reads them every day
Eyes filled with salty tears.

Memories come drifting back
As she reads them one by one;
Words of love he wrote to her,
Treasured now he has gone.

It seems such a long time ago
Since the day he went away,
Gone are the sweet tomorrows
Now she's lost in the yesterdays.

Yet whenever she reads his words
Memories of the past unwind,
For the special love they shared
Lives on in her heart and mind.

Copyright Marian Jones 2006

Angel Whispers

Last night I had a dream
When an angel I did see,
She took my hand in hers
And whispered "follow me".

I flew with her to Heaven
On wings of purest white,
We danced amidst the stars
That sparkled in the night.

On the pathway to the moon,
I looked down upon the earth
And suddenly remembered,
The moment of my birth.

The angel looked at me,
Her lips curved in a smile,
Knowing I'd recalled,
She'd walked with me each mile.

She was my special angel;
God's creation just for me,
To guide me in my life,
And through eternity

I didn't want to leave her,
As we stood in heavenly bliss,
But she whispered her goodbye
And departed with a kiss.

Awaking in the morning,
Warm sunshine stroked my face
Had I just dreamt of my angel,
Or was it real - that heavenly place?

I felt such peace within me,
It seemed so very clear,
Then I swear I heard her whisper,
"You know I'm always here".

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


So splendid in his uniform
He stood there full of pride,
My heart was skipping beats,
As I lingered by his side.

I was so aware of his presence
Although we'd not really met,
Just an encounter on a station
With a stranger I'd never forget.

Such an incredible feeling,
I had for this soldier so proud,
Yet not one word was spoken,
As we stood there in the crowd.

The train drew into the station,
Rushing we were swept apart,
Yet the vision will stay in my mind
A memory etched in my heart.

It's hard to explain just why
We can be aware of a single face,
Maybe fate will draw us together again,
Another time, in another place.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Memory Garden

A blackbird sang its late sweet song as dusk began to fall
And outside in the garden I thought I heard you call.
The garden was your pride and joy created just for me,
So it wouldn't be surprising it's here you'd want to be.

The perfume of the roses hangs sweetly in the air,
The petals fall so gently and scatter everywhere;
Roses are a symbol of love that's pure and true,
So when the roses bloom I'll always think of you.

Lilies as white as snowflakes, you cherished them so much
And now my heart is aching as I miss your loving touch;
They remind me of the day we were joined in wedded bliss,
Lilies in my bouquet and the magic of your kiss.

Honeysuckle grows, the common hedgerow kind,
It has the sweetest scent, leaves a memory behind.
I recall the times we spent here on tranquil summer days,
Wondrous days we shared until we went our separate ways.

Flowers in the garden, blooming everywhere,
Reminding me of lost love and grief that's hard to bear.
In the centre of it all stands a weeping willow tree,
It seems to share my mood as it sheds its tears with me.

Somewhere another garden, I'm sure that you now tend
And in the one you left behind, I pray my heart will mend;
So until we meet again hear me whisper dear goodnight,
You left our lovely garden when God called you to the Light.

2002 Marian Jones

The Little Things

Thank you God for little things
That bring much joy our way,
Like a sudden burst of sunshine
Cleansing a sky of grey

A kindness from a stranger,
Children's laughter as they play;
There are so many little things
That brighten up each day.

Things we take for granted,
Like someone's thoughtful deed:
A perfect flower unfolding
Amidst a patch of weeds.

So at the end of every day
When we turn to God and pray
Let's thank Him for the little things,
He loves to send our way.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002