Deep in My Heart

Sitting in the twilight
My thoughts return to you,
Picturing your face again
Tho' sometimes it's hard to do.

There seems to be a mist
Which spans across the years;
As if you and I had never been,
And my eyes are full of tears

I strain to hear your voice
Reaching down from Heaven above,
But in the silence I must accept
You have gone from me my love.

I walk through life alone now
Yet when I hear a skylark singing,
My mind goes back to yesteryears;
Sweet memories he's bringing.

Standing on the river bank
Where crystal water's flowing,
It's as if I hear your laughter
In the gentle soft wind blowing.

I walk through leafy woodlands,
Follow paths we used to tread;
I think I see you by my side,
It's just a picture in my head.

Yet deep in this heart of mine
I thank God my life was blessed,
By the wonderful love we shared
Which was truly the very best.

Copyright Marian Jones 10/06


A road winds through the valley,
Between hills of purple haze,
. My heart is filled with yearning,
As I remember far off days.

Memories drift to greet me
As I travel the winding road,
Voices calling me from the past,
With tales of those times of old.

In Wales, the land of my birth,
I hear voices raised in song,
Bringing echoes down the ages
From the place where I belong.

A road winds through the valley,
It shines 'neath the soft moonlight.
The glow of the scene brings longing
To be home once more tonight.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/03


When the road of life seems long
Bringing sorrow at each bend,
Remember God is close to you
On His love you can depend.

We often go through darkness
Falling into deep despair,
Yet we're never left alone
With a heavy cross to bear.

Just look towards tomorrow
With hope deep in your heart,
The road will get much smoother
You can make a brand new start.

So never get downhearted
When your troubles last a while,
Know that God is guiding you
As He walks with you each mile.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Soul Journey

Beautiful are memories
of a moonlit night with you,
The spark of love rekindled
when all the world was new.

My heart told me I'd known you
in times so long ago,
For something deep inside
had set my soul aglow.

As I looked into your eyes
I knew you felt it too,
The longing grew between us
just like it used to do.

You took my hand in yours
I felt a burning flame,
Such a familiar feeling
I knew from whence it came.

Inside my spirit soared
to heights that once we knew
And through the mists of time
I recalled my love for you.

Soulmates re-united,
bound by the ties of past,
Through each and every age
this perfect love would last.

So at our journey's end
and the time has come to part,
Somewhere a silver cord
will link us heart to heart.

2002 Marion Jones

Just For Tonight

Just for tonight
I'll remember you,
Go back in time
to when love was new:

I'll let go of today;
let memories flow,
Reliving the feelings
of times long ago.

Then I'll meet
with you in the silent land
And see you smile
as I reach out my hand:

Just for a while
your presence I'll feel,
Safe in your arms,
pretending you're real.

I cannot stay long,
so it is with regret
That I whisper goodbye
but never forget,

Though many years pass
and keep us apart
Each day that goes by
you're still in my heart.

And when darkness falls
and sleep beckons me,
I'll call out your name
and hope that maybe,

Just for tonight,
in my dreams you'll appear,
And when I awaken
I'll still feel you near.

2002 Marian Jones

Wasted Dreams

I dream of the touch of your lips,
Your fingers caressing my cheek,
Your strong arms holding me close
Making my body feel weak.

I dream of a field full of flowers
Where once we made love in the sun,
The memory still lingers within me
It's as if life has just begun.

The dream seems to go on forever,
Our bodies becoming entwined,
Two hearts are beating as one,
I'm in Heaven and it's so divine.

How quickly I wake from my sleep
And remember you're no longer here,
The love that we shared is over
And I shed the first morning tear.

Maybe soon this heartache will ease
And I'll find a new lover one day,
Then at last I'll forgive you for leaving
And wasted dreams will all fade away.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001


There is no better place to dream,
Than a little cottage by a stream,
With a garden full of hollyhocks,
Snow white lilies and scented stocks.

The sound of water trickling here,
Is pleasant music to the ear.
The birds are singing in the trees,
Branches swaying in the breeze,

It's here that all your worries cease
A place where there is quiet peace,
A time for stillness and reflection,
On our God and His perfection.

So when the pace of life gets fast,
And your worries seem too vast,
Picture the cottage by the stream,
Close your eyes and build a dream.

2002 Marian Jones

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