Return to Tremadoc Bay

Dusk falls like a curtain
As daytime slips away.
The sun is slowly sinking,
Across Tremadoc Bay.

In our tiny whitewashed cottage
Shadows dance and play;
All is quiet and still
At the ending of the day.

My sorrows are diminished
Where the gentle breezes blow,
Healing my broken heart
As the waters ebb and flow.

In this magical place
To losing you I'm resigned;
Memories come drifting easily
Bringing me peace of mind.

Sometimes I catch an echoing
So soft I can scarcely hear;
A whisper bringing me comfort
Assuring me you are near.

For here where we fell in love
Is where you will always be,
By the waters of Tremadoc
I sense your spirit flying free.

Copyright Marian Jones 2008


If the hill ahead is much steeper
Than the one you faced before,
You know I'll climb it with you;
There's no need to feel unsure.

If you find your courage flagging,
I'll give you the strength to go on:
We've shared so many trials
And beaten them, every one.

Tho' your goal may seem out of sight,
And you can't see the path ahead,
I'll have enough faith for both of us;
I'm with you each foot you tread.

Let's rest and relax for a while;
Put your hand safely in mine;
Soon we will reach the summit
And leave all our worries behind.

Then we can look back and see
God helped us all of the way;
He healed us as we climbed
Through each sad and painful day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

Healing Angels

In the still hours of the night
Angels descend from above;
They come to ease the suffering
Of those crying out for love.

They know where a heart is aching,
A body that's wracked with pain;
A soul reaching out to Heaven,
To be with a loved one again.

They tend to the sick and dying,
Give comfort to those who grieve,
Blessed with strong healing powers
They touch each soul as they leave.

Warm hearts filled with compassion
They shine with radiant light.
These are God's special angels,
Who visit us mortals at night.

So when you are tired and weary
Of the weight of the cross that you bear
In the darkness an angel will call
Bringing you comfort and care.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Thank You God

Thank you God for another day
To enjoy all the gifts You bestow,
From the sunrise in the morning,
To the night when stars are aglow.

Through every hour of the day
My mind is connected to You;
Feeling the peace of Your presence,
In everything that I do.

I know I'm safe in Your keeping
Should troubles come my way.
My heart is forever thankful,
You walk by my side every day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

I Prayed for You

Is your heart a little lighter today?
Can you see some sunshine ahead?
I prayed for your worries to end,
Asking for blessings instead.

I hope your soul is at peace now
Knowing that God hears our prayers,
For He never leaves us alone
When we're in the depth of despair.

He always sends someone to help
To share our worries and cares,
So I hope your heart is lighter today
Then I know He has answered my prayers.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Our Special Place

I often sit where roses bloom
And the sunbeams dance on my face:
Here, sensing your presence
In this, our own special place.

On days when I'm feeling lonely
Relaxing, I dream of the past
Midst the fragrance of wild roses,
Where memories forever will last.

Time can't erase the beauty
Of a love that was deep and true:
In this garden I find my solace
Recalling sweet moments with you.

Darkness falls, rose petals close,
I wipe a tear from my face,
But treasure each day I spend
Here in our own special place.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Summer Garden

Pink and white clematis stars
Climb up the old oak tree,
Little flowers so gentle
Bring joy to all who see.

Marigolds are gleaming gold,
Rose perfume fills the air,
While little busy lizzies
Are growing everywhere.

Lavender and lilies,
Sweetpeas of pink and blue;
So many different flowers
Of every shade and hue.

A garden is a perfect place,
To cast your cares away,
And marvel at God's Creation
On a sunny summer's day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


Precious, tender memories,
Can comfort us in sorrow
Giving us a reason,
To look towards tomorrow.

We can recall a word or deed
From an unexpected source,
That helped uplift our spirits
As we travelled on life's course.

So never dwell on troubles,
Of a cross you had to bear,
Search deep within your heart
And find sweet memories there.

Life is just a mixture
Of sunshine with some rain,
But memories of sunny days,
Are the ones that should remain.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002