The Loveliest Night

Will there ever be another night
As wonderful as this?
Two lovers brought together
Enjoying loves first kiss.

Silent stars in timeless skies
Shone down from heaven above;
'Twas as if the world was standing still
The night we fell in love.

The silver sickle of the moon
Gave out an eerie glow;
Streams of light were drifting
Upon the earth below.

There'll be many other nights
Bringing lovelier things to see;
But the night that we first met
Will remain the best for me.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/05

Life's Mixture

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain;
Days of laughter and some of pain.
Small hills to climb, mountains to scale;
Battles we win and those we fail.

But through each new day God is guiding us on
Giving us hope when we feel all has gone.
He's with us on bright days, or when vision is dim;
He's by our side to the end, when we'll go home to Him.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/05

Where Did Love Go?

The summer is over, the roses have gone;
I look back to those days when life was all fun.
The songs and the laughter have ended in tears
Where have they gone to - those wonderful years?

How can it be that we drifted apart?
You walked out of my life, breaking my heart.
These questions I ask are all so in vain;
For the death of love is hard to explain.

Yet I can't stop the thoughts filling my mind;
How could you end it, in a way so unkind?
Memories of the good times keep lingering on
With unanswered questions now that you've gone.

Marian Jones 10/05

God's Hand

God is the one who scents the flowers;
Sends the gentle April showers.
He changes the seasons one by one,
Brings winter snow and summer sun.

He makes the waters ebb and flow,
At night he sets the sky aglow.
With His touch He heals our pain,
Bringing joy and peace again.

He always listens as we pray
For Him to guide us through the day.
To Him we turn when things go wrong,
When we are weak, He makes us strong.

The hand of God is everywhere,
As He holds us in His loving care.
A love so powerful, tender and true,
Is the love He has for me and you.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/05


September seemed a long way off
When springtime blossoms came,
But now the leaves are falling
And it's Autumn time again.

This is the month I love the best
When the earth seems dipped in gold,
As leaves of russet, bronze and amber
Are carpeting field and fold.

The hedges are bright with berries;
Virginia creepers are turning red:
I reflect on the passing season
Now it's time to look ahead.

In this lovely mellow month
When summer's just fading away
I'll be thanking God for the blessing
Of each beautiful September day

Copyright Marian Jones 09/05

You're not Here

As evening shadows fall
I feel you drawing near,
A gentle breath upon my brow
And yet you are not here.

The scent of your aftershave
Seems to fill the air,
Nothing is visible to the eye
Yet I sense you everywhere.

I feel you stroke my hair;
It's strange I feel no fear;
Is it just my imagination?
I know that you're not here.

Can it be that spirits fly free
Bathed in heavenly light?
Piercing the veil that divides us,
As the shadows are falling at night.

Deep in my heart I remember,
The love that to me was so dear,
Though we're no longer together,
Tonight I felt sure you were here.

Copyright Marian Jones 08/05

Giving Thanks

In the solitude of the evening
When the sun is bidding goodbye,
I wait with anticipation
For the stars to appear in the sky.

A feeling of peace fills my heart
As I look back on a perfect day,
Counting the many blessings
That God has sent my way.

The birds the trees and flowers;
The moon way up on high;
A myriad of twinkling stars
Shining down from a velvet sky.

I have so much to be thankful for,
God's gifts from Heaven above:
Yet most of all I thank Him
For a life that's been filled with love.

Copyright Marian Jones 7/05

Once in a While

Once in a while we need to step back
From the hustle and bustle of life,
Finding quieter pathways
Far away from stress and strife.

Just a stroll by a rippling stream
Will bring a calmness deep within;
Draw close to the beauty of nature
And sense a new healing begin.

Look up at the hills unchanged by time,
The lakes, the sea and the shore;
You'll gain strength from God's creation
As you face the world once more.

Marian Jones 06/05


Today I will treasure each moment,
For tomorrow's a mystery.
I'll not take this day for granted,
I have faith that God's guiding me.

There may be mountains to climb,
Or struggles and problems to face,
But today I'll put my worries aside;
Enjoy the gift of God's grace.

I'll start the day at dawning,
When all the world seems new;
Take a stroll around the garden;
As the sky dons its mantle of blue.

My jewels are in the garden;
The shrubs, the plants, the trees;
Here I feel a sense of peace
As I'm brushed by a gentle breeze.

I'll treasure each moment I share
With friends, and family too;
Such love and laughter in my life
My blessings are more than a few.

When the twilight is falling
And the day draws to a close
I'll offer up a thankful prayer
As I drift into sweet repose.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/05

The Bond of Friendship

(Dedicated to my dear friend Chris)

Thank you for your friendship;
It means so much to me:
You're always understanding
And display true loyalty.

My life has been so blessed
Since you have come my way,
Your cheerful personality
Brightens each new day.

In sunshine and in shadow
You've shared my hopes and fears;
You've made my life so happy,
As we've travelled through the years.

Time will never break the bond
Of friends who truly care,
So each day I thank the Lord
For the friendship that we share.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/05

Autumn Roses

The very first hint of Autumn
Is seen on the garden shed:
The old Virginia Creeper
Is turning a beautiful red.

Late September's leaves
Drift slowly to the ground,
Forming a colorful carpet
As they fall without a sound.

The fading Summer sunshine
Turns to autumnal glow,
Yet, amongst the rustic tapestry,
Roses still make a glorious show.

Though soon their petals will fall,
With Winter drawing near,
Until then they stay to remind us,
They'll bloom again next year.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/04