Summer Nights

When summer moonlight glistens
Upon the placid sea,
I remember other summers
And how life used to be.

Times so very long ago
When all my dreams came true;
On another moonlit night,
Just the ocean, me and you.

I feel again your hand in mine
As we walked beneath the stars:
The magic of loves first kiss
When all the world was ours.

How precious are these memories
Of a time when love was new;
That is why on summer nights
I feel so close to you.

Copyright Marian Jones 7/05

Tremadoc Bay

Dusk falls like a curtain
And daytime slips away,
From the cottage window
I look across Tremadoc Bay.

I feel an inner calmness;
A peace I can't explain;
Although I'm on my own now
In this place there is no pain.

In my warm and cosy room
Shadows dance and play,
All is quiet and still
At the ending of the day.

The perfume of the jasmine
Creeps through the open door,
Memories drift to greet me,
Happy times relived once more.

Darkness makes its swift descent,
There's a new moon in the west:
Here where we fell in love
Are the memories I love the best.

Copyright Marian Jones 06/05

The Cottage by the Sea

Below a sloping mountain
Stands a cottage by the sea;
A special place to hide away
When troubles come to me.

No sorrows touch me here,
Where the gentle sea breezes blow,
Bringing solace to my rebel heart
As the waters ebb and flow.

With the moonlight on the ocean,
Waves break gently on the shore,
I walk beneath the twinkling stars
And know I'm home once more.

Sweet memories of childhood
Come happily to mind;
Life was so much simpler
In those times now far behind.

I raise my eyes to the hills,
Unchanged by the passing years,
When long forgotten is my name
My heart will still lie here.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/05

Yesterday's Child

I used to give you a cuddle;
Wipe your tears away;
Soothe you with a lullaby,
But that was yesterday.

You were just my little girl
And only needed me,
Now that you're a woman
I have to set you free.

When I see you make mistakes
I must never interfere,
You have to learn the hard way,
But for you I'm always here.

Every hurt and every sorrow,
You encounter on life's way,
Fills my heart with longing
To take you back to yesterday.

Copyright Marian Jones 1/05

A Bedtime Prayer

As I lay my head to rest,
I ponder on my day.
Have I tried to do my best,
Helped someone along the way?

Did I always wear a smile,
Count the blessings I've had?
Would I have walked an extra mile
To help a friend who's sad?

Have I used, my eyes to see
The earth in all its splendor,
My ears to hear the birds
Sing their songs so sweet and tender?

Have I realized my worth,
That God has plans for me?
Did I pray for Him to guide me,
To be the best that I could be?

Every night I kneel in prayer,
I thank God for my day
And ask for His forgiveness,
If I erred along the way.

Marian Jones 10/04

He Heals Today

God knows how long the road is
When hearts are filled with sorrow;
Each day the hours pass slowly;
It's hard to face the morrow.

He knows the strain of weariness;
The heartache that lies ahead,
And in our darkest hours
Sees the many tears we shed.

At times like this, remember
The suffering He Himself has known;
He understands our loneliness,
For He, too, has walked alone.

Come, find rest in His loving arms,
Ask Him to ease your pain,
He heals today, as He always did,
And will grant you peace again .

Copyright Marian Jones 1/05


It's wonderful to wake at daybreak,
When the sun is preparing to shine.
The scents and sounds, of the morning,
Fill me with peace divine.

The long dark night is ending
And a brand new day has begun.
I am lost in awesome wonder
As I welcome the rising sun.

Birds sing their sweet melodies
In the soft, balmy, morning air
And, at the breaking of the day,
In my heart is a thankful prayer.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

Thank You God

Thank you God for another day,
And all that a new day can bring:
The sun, the rain, the birds refrain
And all of life's beautiful things

. The laughter of children at play;
A baby's very first smile;
Little things that bring a glow
And make our lives worthwhile.

The kindness shown by others
That comes unexpectedly,
But most of all I thank you God
For the life you have given me.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

Quiet Minds

When troubles come your way,
And life seems all uphill,
Find a quiet corner,
Take a rest, and just be still.

The future may look bleak;
You can see no end in sight;
God will find you in that corner
And help you put things right.

Quiet minds can hear more clearly
The voice that speaks within,
So heed His words of wisdom,
Then the healing will begin.

You'll find your mind is calmer;
Your tensions start to ease:
God has taken all your worries
And filled your heart with peace.

Copyright Marian Jones 7/04

Close to You

I am not that far away;
I'm the song that summer sings;
The fragrance of the flowers;
The joy that sunshine brings.

I am in the air you breathe;
In the wind that's softly blowing;
I'm in the mountain streams
Where the water's gently flowing.

I speak to you of love,
In the songs we called our own;
Hear me as I whisper,
"There's no need to feel alone."

Way beyond the moon and stars,
My spirit's flying free:
I'm often close beside you
And in everything you see.

Wipe away your grieving tears,
Ere you go to sleep tonight;
For we'll meet again one day
In a world of love and light.

Copyright Marian Jones 7/04


In my cottage garden
I'm content to sit, aware,
Of all the birds in flight,
Free spirits of the air.

They soar so gracefully
And sing amid the trees:
I watch them with delight,
Dipping on a gentle breeze.

If I could be a bird,
A free spirit flying high,
I'd soar above the clouds,
And touch the bright blue sky.

For now I'm just content
To sit and visualise:
As a pair of velvet wings
Unfold before my eyes.

Free spirits of the sky,
Guided by God's hand,
I marvel at your faith
As you fly above His land.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004