He Speaks To Me

God speaks to me in the mountains
Where the wild winds blow.
He speaks to me in the valleys
Where crystal waters flow.

He inspires a song in my heart,
As the mountain path I tread;
His beauty is all around me,
When I face the road ahead.

I feel His strength and power
As higher and higher I climb;
The awareness of His presence
Fills me with love sublime.

As I reach the mountain's summit
My spirit feels lighter and free,
And I know wherever I wander
God accompanies me.

Copyright Marian Jones 5/04

My Blessings

I sit in quiet reflection,
At the end of a perfect day,
Counting the many blessings
God lovingly sent my way.

The birds; the trees and flowers;
The beauty of a placid sea;
A trickling mountain stream
Bringing quiet serenity.

As I ponder on God's creation,
I feel my tensions ease;
Surrounded by such bounty,
My heart is filled with peace.

When the twilight has fallen
And stars are shining bright,
I count my blessings yet again
In the velvet dark of night.

Copyright Marian Jones 5/04

On the Wings of Sorrow

On the wings of sorrow
Hope comes from Heaven above,
For your loved one is safely home,
Wrapped in the arms of love.

Your days may be long and lonely,
But faith will see you through;
Walk bravely on the path ahead,
Our Father will care for you.

Let tears of grief bring release,
Easing your sorrow and pain;
Hold memories close to your heart
'Til you meet your loved one again.

Copyright Marian Jones 5/04

In My Thoughts

I think of you in Springtime
When grey skies turn to blue,
The season filled with promise,
When I fell in love with you.

I think of you in Summertime
When I see the rose in bloom;
I close my eyes recalling
How we loved its sweet perfume.

I think of you in Wintertime
When trees are dark and bare;
Remembering funfilled days
When love was ours to share.

You are always in my thoughts
With the seasons passing by,
For love transcends all things
And love can never die.

Copyright Marian Jones 4/04

When We Give

A smile begins a friendship,
Which may last throughout the years;
A hand stretched out in comfort
Can ease a person's fears.

A heart that's filled with love
Will find the time to spare;
Speak uplifting words
To someone in despair.

We enrich our lives by giving
In thought, and word or deed,
Because we have touched others
In their special hour of need.

Copyright Marian Jones 4/04

When God Draws Close

In the still hours of the night
When all the world is sleeping,
Many souls are in despair,
In the darkness softly weeping.

Some are gripped by loneliness,
Missing loved ones gone.
Life doesn't seem worth living,
It's a struggle to carry on.

Others are fighting harsh pain,
Crying out for relief;
They try to keep on praying
But it's hard to hold on to belief.

Yet it's in the darkest hours
Until the morning light,
God draws close to those who suffer
In the stillness of the night.

He longs to give them comfort,
Take every pain away,
Enfolds them in His loving arms
Until the night turns into day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

A Thousand Memories

I remember a thousand things
When I remember you.
Walks we took at daybreak
Through meadows wet with dew.

The first rose of the summer;
A trickling mountain stream;
The wooden bench in the park,
Where we used to sit and dream.

A smile, a kiss, a song,
A room with a lovely view;
Flickering candle lights
Reminding me of you.

The cottage by the ocean
Where we spent our honeymoon,
Days of love and laughter
Our parting came too soon.

Living again these memories
Is something I often do,
I remember a thousand things
When I remember you.

Copyright Marian Jones 3/04

The Return of Spring

Beneath a cloudless sky,
The land is fresh and fair;
Hope springs eternal in the heart
Amid the beauty everywhere.

. The perfume of the blossoms
Is carried on a tender breeze,
And timid little violets grow
Beneath the old oak trees.

Lambs bleat in the meadows;
Fledglings chirp in their nest:
At dusk the skies turn golden,
As the sun sets in the west.

The cold, dark winter's over;
Spring weaves its magic spell:
Our spirits are uplifted
In the world where all is well.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

Dream Lover

The sky was clear, the moon shone bright
As we walked together that very first night.
You took my hand, our fingers entwined
Long forgotten thoughts entered my mind.

It was as if all my life I had waited for this
Destiny arranging sweet heavenly bliss.
My soul was soaring to heights that were new,
The world disappeared - there was just me and you.

We lingered a while, two hearts beating as one,
Your lips brushed mine and then you were gone.
I awoke from the dream in the morning light
Yet somewhere, some place, I was with you last night.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004