A Song in my Heart

I've often walked a lonely road
When life seemed hard to bear;
Yet my faith has never wavered
For God held me in His care.

Through trials and tribulations
When the future was unknown,
I remembered the promise He made
He would never leave us alone.

And through each pain and sorrow
My heart sang a grateful song;
For all the problems I faced
Were the things that made me strong.

Now that the road is smoother
Everything's going my way,
I'll still have a song in my heart
As I celebrate each new day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2007

In My Garden

In my garden filled with flowers,
I sit in quiet prayer,
And as I look around me
I see God everywhere.

He's in the fragrant roses
In glorious array,
Their perfume lingers in the air
And takes my breath away.

A gentle breeze is blowing
Sunshine warms my face.
How near to God I feel,
In this enchanting place.

My garden is a haven
It's free from worldly care
My worries slowly drift away
As solace I find there.

Copyright Marian Jones 2007

A Walk with You

In my mind there is a road
I walk each day with you;
It's filled with many memories
Of times when love was new.

I sit in quiet reflection
Reliving times gone by,
Precious moments shared
Before you said goodbye.

Was it nothing but a dream,
Just a thistledown affair?
I can't believe you left me
With a pain that's hard to bear.

I must accept it's over now,
Yet I take this walk each day.
Holding on to memories,
Of love that passed my way.

Copyright Marian Jones 2007

Turning Back the Clock

If I could turn the clock back
To a day out of the past,
I'd choose the day I met you,
When a magic spell was cast.

On a cold and frosty night,
The gods fulfilled their plan,
Ordained so very long ago,
Before the world began.

One by one the twinkling stars
Peeped from a distant place,
My soul was filled with ecstasy
As I recognised your face.

You slowly walked towards me;
Angels watched from Heaven's door:
You came into my life that day
And stayed for evermore.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

The Skaters

The sky is clear, the moon shines bright,
There's frost on the window panes tonight.
Winter has waved its magic wand
And skaters are gliding across frozen ponds.
Their faces aglow in the soft lantern light,
As they yield to the magic of the winter night.
Round and round they skate with grace,
The thrill of the waltz reflects in each face.
They join with partners both moving as one
Laughing and gliding, enjoying the fun.

Copyright Marian Jones 2004

The Heart Remembers

The heart remembers everything
Through all the passing years;
Memories of love's delight
And those of needless fears.

The faces of old friends,
Times we spent together;
Though no longer with us,
Live in our hearts forever.

The sorrows and the joys
We encountered on life's way,
Can never be forgotten,
For in our hearts they stay.

Now another year's gone by
Farewell to gray December;
The summer flowers have faded
But still the heart remembers.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Your Love

Your love is a lantern
That lights my way,
Uplifting my spirits
When skies are gray.

Your love is a wave
That lifts me higher,
Into a sea
Of tender desire.

Your love is a flame
That can never die,
For always and ever
Just you and I.

Your love is a rose
Moistened with dew
Touching my soul
With the beauty of you.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/03

Evening Peace

Dusk falls like a curtain
At the ending of the day.
The sun is slowly sinking,
As night is on its way.

The wind sighs in the trees
As birds take homeward flight,
And God seems so much closer,
When day has turned to night.

There is a sense of stillness
As the stars begin to shine,
A feeling deep within one,
That brings a peace Divine.

As we reflect upon God's love
Our fears all fade away.
We feel Him still beside us
When tired eyes close to the day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

The Music of the Night

Have your ever listened
To the music of the night?
The gentle rustling wind,
Like angel wings in flight.

When all seems quiet and still,
The rain begins to fall,
It bounces from the rooftops:
Splatters on the walls.

Far off, in the distance,
A ship comes through the lock
Headed by the tug boat
To guide it safely to the dock.

The distant drone of aircraft
On some exotic flight;
The traffic on the motorway,
Still moving through the night.

Whenever sleep evades me,
But stars are shining bright,
I take the time to listen
To the music of the night.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/03

Your Guiding Hand

You are in the words I write
Unseen, yet guiding my hand,
Although you are gone from me
Into that far-off land.

In the stillness of the night,
Your voice is crystal clear;
Words come into my mind
As I sense you drawing near.

You tell me to write of creation
The beauty of sun, sea and sky,
You speak to me of joy and peace
In your heavenly home on high.

Our love will live on forever
In every word I write,
For our minds became as one
When we said our last goodnight.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Upon a Star

I dreamt I dwelt upon a star
And saw the earth below;
The mountains and the meadows
Were bathed in a moonlit glow.

I looked down on the human race
Many rushing here and there,
Living life in the fast lane,
With not a moment to spare.

Here on my own special star,
I felt in control of life;
Away from the sins of the world;
Away from trouble and strife.

Amidst the moon and the stars
There was such incredible peace;
A place I could stay forever
Where all my worries would cease.

Here I could fly with the angels
Up in the stars evermore;
Sadly I woke from the dream
Just as I glimpsed Heaven's door.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003