The sleeping world awakens,
Spring comes to field and fold,
All nature's bathed in sunlight
As the earth spills out her gold.

Blossoms' scent in morning air;
The skies are warm and clear;
Hearts are filled with promise,
Now Eastertime draws near.

It's time for new beginnings
When faith can be restored,
Joy and peace fill every heart
Who hail the risen Lord.

Copyright Marian Jones

Spring is Here

Every bud unfolding
Caught in the rays of the sun.
Each green leaf unfurling
Now that Spring's begun.

Daffodils and tulips
Are swaying in the breeze;
A rainbow of coloured crocus
Appear beneath the trees.

Gently, warmly, showers fall
A cloud goes drifting by,
Nourishing nature's offering
Underneath a clear sky.

We welcome every Springtime
When all new life begins,
Thanking God for the season
The joy and beauty it brings.

Copyright Marian Jones 2005

My Childhood Friend

Thoughts of you like threads of gold
Keep running through my mind.
You are the sweetest person;
So gentle and so kind.

The beauty of our friendship
Fills my heart with joy;
The bond that we created,
No other can destroy.

You've shared my happy moments,
Stayed close when life was bleak,
You always were the wise one;
Made me strong when I was weak.

Our friendship I will treasure
Until my life is through,
God blessed me as a child
When he sent a friend like you.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Childhood Reflections

When shades of night begin to fall
And the stars light up the sky,
I travel back in time,
Remembering days gone by.

Happy days of childhood
Running free in fields of flowers,
Dens we made to shelter in,
To escape the sudden showers.

I remember the swing in the park
Where we whiled the hours away,
And in those far off years
The sun seemed to shine each day.

Such different games we played then,
Too many to recall,
But in those golden years
We were happy with bat and ball.

The world has forever changed
Nothing ever remains the same,
Now we have technology,
Do we count it a loss or a gain?

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


With a little bit of kindness
We can make someone happy today;
Cheering a heart that's sad
When we speak in a friendly way.

To offer a helping hand,
Is just what some may need;
So be forever watchful;
Willing to do a good deed.

When we reach out and touch another
With a heart that's full of care
We may change the world a little,
And still have love to spare.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


God came and set your spirit free,
Yet I sense your presence with me.
I hear your voice on a gentle breeze
Your laughter echoing through the trees.

Wherever I go I feel you near;
The essence of you is crystal clear;
Is this a blessing infinitely kind?
Helping to soothe my troubled mind.

Now you have left this mortal plane,
I have no doubts I will see you again,
For often in dreams you whisper to me,
The promise of love through eternity.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


The Lord is my companion
His strength it has no end;
He comforts and protects me,
To all my needs he tends.

He fills my heart with joy
In His love I do abide,
It's wonderful to know
He'll always be my guide.

He's with me in the night
When all is dark and still,
He gives me restful sleep
As I surrender to His will.

When morning comes again
He waits beside my door,
As I meet a brand new day
He walks with me once more.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


Close your eyes and open your heart
Relax and let your worries depart,
Know that the Father is caring for you
Giving you strength to carry you through.

Ask for His guidance as you live each day
Trusting in Him to show you the way;
Soon you will find your worries all cease
Bringing you joy through God's perfect peace.

Copyright Marian Jones - 2003


The sky is dark the moon is high,
God keep us safe tonight.
Let peace befall us once again
Lead us to the light.

Justice must be done
We know that this is right.
But as we go to sleep,
God keep us safe tonight.

We know His tears are falling
On each and every land.
God keep us safe tonight
Hold us by the hand.

So many praying hard
To hope that peace will reign.
God keep us safe tonight
Heal all the world of pain.

2002 Marian Jones