The Beauty of Winter

Don't let the darkness of winter
Touch the corners of your mind;
Warm summer days may have gone
Yet a new kind of beauty we find

For winter brings its own delights
When we wake on a wintery morn,
To find Jack Frost's paid a visit
And a beautiful picture he's drawn.

He arrived in the still of night
Scattering silver dust all around;
Icicles and orbs hang from the trees;
Crystal jewels lay on the ground.

The beauty of the white wonderland
Lifts our spirits once more,
And at the end of winter's reign
Spring will open wide it's door.

Each season has its own treasures,
If we only have eyes to see,
The wonder of God's creation
His gift for you and for me.

Copyright Marian Jones 2009


When from the busy world
I find time to draw apart,
Memories of the past
Seem to creep into my heart.

Dream faces smile at me
As my mind drifts far away,
Escaping from the thoughts
That hold me to the day.

I'm in a tranquil place;
Where I can always find,
Solace for my soul
As I leave this world behind.

Angels gather round me
Their wings of purest white;
My body feels so weightless,
As they draw me to the light.

In this place there is a stillness;
A peace I can't explain;
Where I can soar above life's trials
Free from stress and strain.

It's my quiet meditation
When the day is done;
And it's here I find the Power
That gives me strength to carry on.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/04

Wonderful World

In this wonderful world where we live,
We are surrounded by magical things;
The sunshine, trees and flowers;
Birds on soaring wings.

The scent from the wild dog-roses
On a stroll down a leafy lane;
Butterflies gracefully dancing;
A rainbow after the rain.

Poppies in fields of golden corn;
On high a skylark sings:
Nature works with unseen hands,
To bring these magical things.

The radiance of the setting sun
Is such a beauty to behold,
As it paints the evening sky
In hues of peach and gold.

Finally the twilight ends;
And stars are shining bright:
The moon is luminescence
In this wonderful world tonight.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/04

God's Work

God's presence is all around
His work seen everywhere,
In many coloured flowers
Perfumed with such care.

On the highest mountains,
The valleys and the glens,
His voice is loud and clear
Across the windswept fens.

Deep within the forest
Beneath the tallest trees,
He finds a place for bluebells,
To protect them from a breeze.

Beside a babbling brook
You can hear the song He sings,
Ever rippling, ever flowing,
Murmuring a thousand things.

God's work here on the land,
Is seen in every season
And everything He planned
Was created for a reason.

He gave the earth to man,
A gift from Heaven above,
God's work is never done
As He touches us with love.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The World Still Turns

. Tho' you're no longer here,
The stars continue to glow.
The world still follows its course:
And tides still ebb and flow.

I wake to the morning light
As the sun paints the sky with gold;
I ponder on all the splendour
Watching the new day unfold..

Through every changing season,
I view things through different eyes,
For there comes a time for each one
When it seems the ways must divide.

But though I am walking alone,
I thank God that I was blessed,
By the love that once we shared,
Which was truly the very best.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

No Tears Son

When it's time for you to leave
I promise I won't shed a tear,
I'll be as brave as you, son;
In my eyes you will see no fear.

It seems just like yesterday
I was singing you lullabies;
Soon you were starting school
And I found it hard not to cry.

When you stepped out alone
In search of adventure and fun,
Once more we said our goodbyes:
I didn't cry when you went, my son.

Now our safe world is changing,
You may have to fight in a war,
But I promise I won't shed a tear,
Until you are home safe once more.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

The Crocus

The crocus in the winter
Works magic underground,
Preparing for its debut
When springtime comes around.

Through dull and dreary days
When all the world seems dead,
It knows that things will change
When it shows its pretty head.

It brings a sense of hope
God's promise to convey,
Though often storm clouds come
They soon will pass away.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Resting Place.

It's a quiet and tranquil place and this is
where you lie. In the silence I hear your voice,
see your face in the clear blue sky.

It seems so wrong that you are here,
and yet it had to be; your time on earth
was over, you left this world and me.

I can't help feeling cheated, you were
too young to die, but one day I'll come to
you and understand the reason why.

Until that time has come, I'll tend your
place with care, I'll cover it with flowers
and know you'll see them there.

You always said I cared for you in good
times and in bad, and I'll go on as before
although my heart's so sad.

Yet there is some comfort from tending
to your grave. I feel your love surround me
here, a strength that keeps me brave.

Although your body's resting, I know
your spirit's free. I sense you watching
from above and caring still for me.

So when my life is over, I'll join you where
you lie, and then we'll be as one again,
Two soulmates in the sky.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001

A Perfect Friend

Thank you for being a perfect friend
Who fills my life with wonderful things,
For your kindly deeds and gentle ways;
The joy and comfort your presence brings.

Thank you for sharing my problems
When nothing in my world's going right,
With your cheerful and sunny outlook
I can view things in a different light.

Many friends have come into my life
But there are none more precious than you,
So thanks for your love and loyalty
May God bless you in all that you do.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Loving Kindness

A touch of loving kindness
Can uplift a heart that's sad;
A word of reassurance
So things don't seem so bad.

A heart that cares for others
Is blessed by God above,
For each tender loving word
Will show a lost soul love.

Kind deeds we do each day
Have a magic of their own,
For eventually they will flourish
From the seed of love we've shown.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002