A Changing World

In an ever changing world
It's easy to lose our way,
When trials and tribulations
Appear in our lives each day.

Our faith begins to waver;
We're tossed in a stormy sea,
It's hard to hold on to faith
When life seems a mystery.

Why do we have to suffer?
Why are we given this pain?
Just ask our Father for guidance
You'll feel His peace once again.

Look back to times in the past
When joy was all that you knew;
Was it taken for granted then
As God poured blessings on you?

So be still and quietly listen
To a voice that's always there,
God promised never to leave us,
We are safe in His loving care.

Copyright Marian Jones 10/07

A Heart of Gold

Come sunshine or shadow
May God walk with you;
Guiding, protecting
All the day through.

May you have friends
Each tried and true,
To be by your side
In all things you do.

I wish you great joy
Through all the years
No-one to hurt you
No shedding of tears.

I know I am blessed
As each day unfolds;
For you are my friend
With a heart full of gold.

Copyright Marian Jones 10/07

Childhood Dream

I have a very special place
Beside a trickling stream;
In a quiet and tranquil meadow
Where I just sit and dream.

My spirit's captivated
By the beauty of the day;
Nothing here disturbs me;
No traffic comes this way.

My mind begins to wander
To childhood days of yore,
Just playing in the fields,
We needed nothing more.

Lots of fun and laughter
Just all kids together,
Enjoying every moment
No matter what the weather.

If I could have had one chance
To roll back all the years,
I'd relive those childhood days
When we wandered without fear.

Copyright Marian Jones 1/07

A New Day

As another day is dawning
Untouched and freshly new,
I thank God for His blessings
And the love He gives me too.

I promise Him each morning
I will not waste the day,
But give a helping hand
To those who pass my way.

I'll be thankful for my birth
Count my blessings one by one,
Enjoy the gifts He's given me
Until my day is done.

When evening shadows fall
And it's time for me to rest,
I can kneel and say to Him,
Today I tried to do my best.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


We only have one Mother,
As precious as all gold,
God made her very special,
Then threw away the mould.

She cares about our worries;
Listens to our woes,
Gives us hugs and kisses;
Her love forever flows.

When troubles come our way,
She's there to hold our hand;
Never will she judge us;
She'll always understand.

No other could compare
With the love that she displays,
From the moment of our birth
She will guide us all our days.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The Night Sky

As evening draws her cloak of grey
And the stars begin to glow,
I thrill to the glamour of night
The splendour seen from below.

I think of those who have passed:
Gone to that far off land;
And reflect on the glory of God:
The way our life has been planned.

I never grow tired and weary
As alone the night sky I survey,
It's creation beyond understanding,
A magic no words could portray.

A peace that can't be explained
Strengthens the faith in my heart,
It brings me nearer to God
And I feel my worries depart.

Nothing on earth can compare
With this perfect heavenly sight,
And the calmness of my being
Yields to the beauty of night.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Show Me The Way

Sometimes when I'm tired and weary,
Feel I can't face another day,
I ask You to lift my spirits, God;
Guide me and show me the way.

Without You walking beside me
My life has no meaning at all,
I know You will take my hand
Should I ever stumble and fall.

You are my courage and strength
When I'm tempted to go astray,
And through your grace and mercy
I know You'll show me the way.

Because of Your love and devotion
Your trust I'll never betray,
You are the One I lean on,
The One who will show me the way.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Second Chance

Often we wish for a second chance,
When we think of days long since gone.
Recalling mistakes we have made;
Things we shouldn't have done.

Yet we always have to remember
We are growing and learning each day,
And through each error we recognise
We will see things a different way.

Each day is a new beginning,
A chance for a brand new start;
A time to change our outlook,
If we search deep within our heart.

As long as we follow our instincts
And watch the path we must take,
We can always learn from the past,
And not make the same mistakes.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


There's a sudden chill in the air
Now that Wintertime is here.
The louring clouds are threatening snow
As the blue skies disappear.

Yet there's beauty on the land,
As we awake on a winters morn
When Jack Frost has paid a visit,
And a beautiful picture he's drawn.

He arrived in the stillness of night
Scattering silver dust all around.
Icicles and orbs dangle from trees,
Crystal jewels lie on the ground.

The birds are silent, nothing stirs
Just a red robin greeting the day.
It's a wonderful crisp white world
Now that Winter has come to stay.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The Nightingale

A nightingale was singing
In the stillness of the night;
It sang of love and beauty,
Beneath the pale moonlight.

I lay there quietly listening
Overwhelmed with memories,
As the nightingale's sweet song
Echoed through the trees.

It seemed to sing of lost love
Of grief that's hard to bear,
And my soul was gently weeping
For a love no longer there.

My darling how I miss you;
I yearn for you each night,
When the nightingale is singing
Beneath the pale moonlight.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002