Birds prepare their nests;
Rosy blossoms' scent the air;
A new lease of life is granted,
To the forest where trees stood bare.

In the garden daffodils dance
Gracefully 'neath the blue skies;
For now Spring in all its glory
Is bidding the Winter goodbye.

As the earth comes alive once more
From tiny seeds the flowers grow;
Mother Nature is never at rest,
As the seasons come and go.

How can we feel downhearted
When the birds now merrily sing;
How can we fail to praise our God,
For the wondrous beauty of Spring.

Copyright Marian Jones 2008


Yesterday has gone forever
Tomorrow yet to be,
The only thing that matters
Is the day that's facing me.

Today I have a chance
To leave the past behind,
Forgetting all its worries
And seeking peace of mind.

I will not waste a moment,
As the day comes into view,
Another chance to be the best
In everything I do.

And when the day is over
I will rest in certainty,
Tomorrow is another day
To start my life anew.

. Copyright Marian Jones 10/07

The Best Love

The sun was shining brightly
The day you had to go,
I didn't feel its warmth,
Or see its golden glow.

Flowers grew in abundance
Forming perfectly,
But life had lost its meaning
The day that you left me.

Time they say heals all;
It can mend each broken heart;
Ease the pain, stay the tears
From a love that's torn apart.

Whatever the future holds
A piece of my heart you'll own,
For loving you was special,
The best love I've ever known.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/06


God give me inspiration
Your wisdom to impart.
Give me words to praise you,
Place them in my heart.

Help me to be humble
Deliver me from sin,
So when I search my soul
I'll find your peace within.

Don't let others lead me
In ways I should not go,
Give me strong resistance
To help my spirit grow.

If I should move away
From the path you chose for me,
Guide me safely back
To the place where I should be.

Copyright Marian Jones

God our Friend

There can't be sunshine without the rain,
Nor can our lives be free from pain.
There can't be morning without the night,
Things have to go wrong as well as right.

There can't be springtime without a shower,
Nor lush green meadows without a flower.
There can't be a rainbow without an end,
But one thing is certain - God is our friend.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Grandma's Garden

I remember Grandma's garden
Where clematis climbed the wall,
Sunflowers grew in profusion,
Standing so proud and tall.

Lilies and roses were neighbours,
Colours of pink, white and blue,
And somewhere in between them
A stray poppy came into view.

In careless and gay abandon
The flowers had grown and spread,
It was such a picture of beauty
Created in each flower bed.

Now, when I glimpse a garden,
With borders all tidy and neat,
I smile as I think of Grandma's
Where nothing was ever complete.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The Greatest Things

The greatest things in life are free,
A flower in bloom, a joy to see.
The trickle of a crystal stream,
A sunny day, a time to dream.

The cuckoos call and curlews cry;
Rolling hills that touch the sky.
Majestic mountains capped with snow;
Oceans tides that ebb and flow.

The beauty of the stars at night;
Butterflies in endless flight.
Many things that bring us pleasure
Gifts from Heaven to love and treasure.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

Stepping Stones

Life consists of stepping stones
That lead to a perfect land;
When your journey on earth is over,
God will lead you there by the hand.

As you travel along life's road
He is guiding you on your way:
Each stepping stone is planned;
Just trust in His wisdom each day.

You may often stumble and fall,
When troubles seem to stay:
Walk bravely on with a gallant smile
To a better and brighter day.

Eventually you will discover
The purpose of each little stone;
When your life on earth has ended
And God finally calls you home.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


High above a mountain top
Beneath a clear blue sky,
I sit and think about my life
And watch the birds fly by.

I gaze around in wonder
At the beauty of the earth,
How I'm blessed to be here,
So grateful for my birth.

I think about my struggles
When life was going wrong,
But then I thank my God,
He made me big and strong.

I thank Him for the blessings
He's bestowed along the way,
And thank Him for the love
He's shown me each new day.

As I bask in His protection,
I do my best to spread His word,
And if I touch one other soul
I know His voice was heard.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001