We are the poets
Our souls we lay bare;
All life's emotions
In poetry we share.

We understand love
Wise words we impart;
Whatever our thoughts
We write from the heart.

We write for ourselves
As well as for others,
Husbands and wives
Sisters and brothers.

We write about nature
Mountains and streams;
For scenes of great beauty
We see in our dreams.

We are the poets
Who never grow old;
Our pens deciphering
What our minds are told.

Until our last breath
We'll write constantly,
Words left on paper
That's our legacy.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/06

A Winters Day

Snow lies like a blanket;
Trees are draped in wintry white;
God has worked His magic
In the stillness of the night.

Icicles hang like silver threads;
The skies are a delicate blue;
There's an all embracing chill;
The earth seems fresh and new.

In this dazzling world of light
Children's laughter fills the air,
As they pirouette on frozen ponds
Where no other creatures stir.

Soon the snow will melt;
A pale sun warm the earth
Proclaiming the promise of spring
Another cycle, another season's rebirth.

Copyright Marian Jones 11/06

The Village

Tonight beside the fireside
My thoughts began to roam,
Beyond the crowded city
To the place that once was home.

I picture tiny cottages
With roses round the door,
Cascading down the sandstone walls
To trail across the floor.

I see the gentle rolling hills
And fields of golden corn,
Hear the birds sweet melodies
As they greet each brand new morn.

In this sleepy little village
It seems that nothing changes,
Yet the seasons come and go
As nature re-arranges.

How sweet the folk who live here
With their simple country ways,
Their hands are never idle
They've much work to fill their days.

In my heart there is a longing
To watch the sun set on the hills,
In that sleepy little village
Where it seems that time stands still.

Copyright Marian Jones 08/06


Memories of you come drifting back
Into this heart of mine;
Reliving again my childhood
Another place; a faraway time.

You gave me so much confidence
Made me feel safe and secure;
A wonderful caring Father,
You couldn't have loved me more.

You were always so unselfish
Sacrificing all for my sake;
With unconditional love
You forgave my every mistake.

Now you are no longer here
I know you're still guiding me,
For all the values you taught me,
Live on in my memory.

Copyright Marian Jones 2006


My life was sad and lonely
Before you came along,
Now I've found true bliss
In your arms where I belong.

You woke my sleeping soul
From all the empty years;
Healed my broken heart
Wiped away my tears.

When you took my hand in yours
I recalled how it used to be,
Another time, another place,
Two souls in harmony.

Today my heart is singing
Eased of all past pain
For here upon the earth
We're reunited once again.

Copyright Marian Jones 6/06

Each New Day

Greet each new day with a smile
Vowing that it will be,
A day of joy and fulfilment
Accepting it graciously.

Enjoy the blessings received
Thanking God for them all,
He will always help you through
If at times some shadows fall.

Start each new day with a prayer;
Even if life seems grim,
The peace and joy you will find
Is in sharing your day with Him.

Copyright Marian Jones 6/06

The End of the Day

As twilight quietly descends
Then slowly turns to night,
The moon in all its glory
Fills the world with light.

The fragrance of the woodbine
Still lingers in the air,
At the end of a summer's day
Quietude is everywhere.

I sit by my window and watch
As the very first star appears;
Here there is peace in my heart
As I slowly turn back the years.

I remember loved ones now gone,
And friends who are far away,
Sweet memories bring me joy
As night bids farewell to the day.

Copyright Marian Jones 4/06


The window of summer opens
The sun comes peeping in;
It works its magic on the land,
A new season to begin.

Beside a babbling brook
And a field of meadowsweet,
The gentle song of summer
Plays its rhythmic beat.

When the door of summer opens,
All around are green clad trees,
While the perfume of the flowers
Is borne on a cooling breeze.

It is the season of delight,
The scent of new mown hay;
The glory of golden sunset,
At the end of a perfect day.

Copyright Marian Jones

My Garden

My garden's a place of rest
With peace and solace there;
Surrounded by such beauty,
I haven't a single care.

It's a place for dreaming dreams;
Believing they may come true,
And in some miraculous way,
I find that often they do.

In springtime and in summer
Sweet perfume fills the air;
The birds are singing merrily
They too haven't got a care.

When winter comes to the garden
And the trees are stark and bare,
I never cease to be thankful
For the joy I always find there.

Copyright Marian Jones 3/06

Gentle Spring

When spring comes singing on the breeze
To stir the life of the ancient trees,
Take a walk through the forest deep
As creatures awake from their winter sleep.

Into the woodlands bursting green,
'Neath tall trees,a glorious scene;
Bluebells blooming everywhere,
Their perfume filling the soft warm air.

The gentle season's here at last
The cold, dark winter's in the past
All God's creatures now embrace
The beauty of spring - the season of grace.

Copyright Marian Jones 3/06

To be the Best

Help me to be strong, Lord,
As I journey through my life,
Courage to face my problems;
Keeping calm in times of strife.

Teach me to be patient
When my plans have gone astray.
I know that with Your guidance,
You can show me a better way.

Let me be a channel, Lord,
For all the love You show;
Love I can share with others
As along life's path I go.

And when my life is over,
I pray You will smile on me;
Knowing I've always tried
To be the best that I can be.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/06

The Gift of a Friend

What would I do without you
My tried and trusted friend?
You're always there beside me
As along life's roads we wend.

Your warm and loving nature;
Your kind and generous heart;
These are the characteristics
I admired in you from the start.

You're like a ray of sunshine,
Lighting the darkest day.
You never fail to cheer me up
When dark clouds pass my way.

In the midst of your busy life
You always fine time to care,
And every day I'm thankful
For the friendship that we share.

Copyright Marian Jones 2006

Without Him

Without him spring will come to me;
Daffodils slowly unfold;
Will I still feel him near
As the brown earth turns green and gold?

The world became a darker place,
Unlit by the light of his love;
But sometimes in quiet moments
I sense him watch from above.

The days without him are lonely
Yet he's only passed from my sight;
Just ahead of me on life's journey
To that beautiful world of light.

I will feel him near me at springtime
When a year without him has gone;
For we shared such a wondrous love
Through my heart and soul he'll live on.

Copyright Marian Jones 1/06

Snowdrops and Crocus

The fragile snowdrops are here
To proclaim the promise of spring;
Just at the very first glance of them
My heart begins to sing.

They seem so frail and delicate;
White bells on stalks of green;
A carpet of tiny white flowers ,
Breaking through the winter scene.

Next to appear are the crocus
In hues of yellow, purple and blue,
A multicoloured carpet,
Another sign of spring's debut.

Goodbye to the coldness of winter,
Is the message these flowers convey,
Soon the sun will warm the earth,
Now that spring is on the way.

Copyright Marian Jones 1/06

We Meet As Friends Now

We always meet as friends now,
But when we have to part,
You leave a haunting sadness
Deep within my heart.

We talk and laugh together
Just like old friends do;
Yet always I'm reminded
Of the love that once we knew.

If we could only turn back time
To the last day that we met,
To have never spoken words
That later we'd regret.

But we can't obliterate
The pain we caused each other,
We always meet as friends now,
Where once we met as lovers.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/05

Spreading Happiness

You don't have to be a star
Or win the public gaze,
To spread a bit of happiness
In simple little ways.

In this busy world of ours
We can all find time to spare,
To help a troubled soul
By showing them we care.

A loving touch and gentle words
To ease another's pain,
Can cheer a heart that's sad
And make them smile again.

If you spread a little happiness
Each and every day,
It will always be remembered
By those who passed your way.

Copyright Marian Jones 9/05