A much loved husband

When we were married they said we were one
But what does one do when half of one's gone?
Two hearts were entwined forever that day
One heart stopped beating - the other must stay.

They say life goes on, I know this is true
But darling it's hard to live without you.
I search every room but know you're not there
The ache in my heart is so hard to bear.

You stood by my side through all the years
In solitude now; I shed many tears.
God chose the time to call you back home
Why was I fated to be the one left alone?

I wish just once more I could see your dear face
At last free from pain in that Heavenly place.
I'd hold you so closely and whisper "Goodbye"
Say "Two hearts will be one the day that I die."

Goodnight my love until we meet again


Thanks to my friend Christine for enhancing Noel's photograph

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