I'll never see a rose in bloom
When touched with morning dew,
Or smell its sweet perfume
Without remembering you.

I wander through our garden
Breathing in the scented air;
It seems you never left me
For I sense you everywhere.

All the happy years now gone
When life was at it's best,
Are tenderly recalled
Bringing me peace and rest.

At the ending of each day
When the stars light up the sky
My heart is filled with memories
The years of you and I.

Yet the precious love we shared
Not even death can sever;
For the wonder of it all
Lives in my heart forever.

Copyright 2007


I look for you in rainbows
Wondering where you are.
At night I search the sky,
Seek out the brightest star.

I walk through a field of gold
Beside a murmuring stream,
I think I hear your voice
But know it's just a dream.

In the coolness of a forest
I sense you drawing near.
Although you're gone forever,
Yet still I feel you here.

I climb the hills we loved
And wonder if it's true,
Wherever my journey takes me,
Maybe you're beside me too.

Copyright Marian Jones 2009