Since I started writing poetry I have had

a lot of mail from people asking how long

I have been writing and how I started.

I am also often asked about my life.

Well I could write a book about that *S*

but here is a brief outline.

My name is Marian and I live in the

North West of England with my

husband, Noel. We have no children

but our little Sheltie, 'Jazzy', is our babe!!

Noel has been a paraplegic since the

age of 22 but led a fulfilled life until

3 years ago when he suffered severe

health problems and became partially

housebound. Our social activities had

to be curtailed and it was then that

Noel bought me a computer just to

amuse myself!!!

I did not envisage the change this

would make in my life!

Several years back I wrote short

stories for local radio, but never poetry.

Two years ago an idea for a poem came

to me followed by others - the result was

quite a number of poems were placed on

various websites. I am so grateful to

the many people who thought them

worthy of acceptance.

A year ago a dear friend, Christine,

offered to create a website where

my efforts could be put together.

When I look back over the past two

years, it is as if I was guided to write

poetry for some reason.

Life is full of twists and turns and events

occur in all our lives, to which we have

to adapt and I think the secret of being

happy is having the ability to accept our

changing circumstances whether good or

bad. I truly believe that all we experience

in our lives is for a purpose.

Noel has always been my inspiration

for in spite of his disability, he has a

philosophical attitude to what happened

to him and has great inner strength.

I have met some wonderful friends on

the net and chatted to people around

the world. I dedicate this poem to all

of them and thank them for their friendship.


Our friendship has developed
In a way that is unique.
To think we crossed an ocean
Yet no words we had to speak.

Just a screen and keyboard
To get a message through
And from the whole wide world,
I'm so glad that I met you.

We've shared so many secrets
Carried each others loads,
You are always there to turn to
When I travel a bumpy road.

Sometimes when I'm feeling blue
It's as if you link to my mind
For going into my mail box
An e-mail from you I'll find.

Sometimes a card of friendship
Maybe a joke or two,
Whatever arrived is special
Because it was sent by you.

So though we're an ocean apart
Our hearts are together as one,
And hope our friendship lasts
Through all the years to come. .

Copyright Marian Jones 2002