Autumn Memories

The very first hint of Autumn
Is seen on the garden shed:
The old Virginia Creeper
Is turning a beautiful red.

Late September's leaves
Drift slowly to the ground,
Forming a colorful carpet
As they fall without a sound.

How much we loved this season;
The lovely mellow days;
Walking through fields of gold
Before we went our separate ways.

As softly from the shadows
There came a gentle call;
You closed your eyes, fell asleep
And quietly left us all.

Now as I watch the fading leaves
I feel the tear drops start;
For the memory of each Autumn
Lives forever in my heart.

Copyright Marian Jones

Where I Find God

I have never seen God
Yet I know He is real,
For in so many things
His love I can feel.

He's the stars in the heavens;
The leaves on a tree;
In all of creation
His image I see.

The laughter of children;
A babies sweet smile;
In just simple things
We see Him a while.

With many dear friends
My life has been blessed,
I value each one
For He sent me the best.

He's in everything
I know this is true,
And each time we meet
I see Him in you.

Copyright Marian Jones 7/08


May the early morning sun
Shine on you today;
A gentle wind caress you
As you walk along life's way.

I wish you health and happiness
As the day comes into view,
And may each hour be blessed
With friendships fond and true.

May your dreams all be fulfilled;
You reach your every goal;
And at the ending of the day,
May peace touch your heart and soul.

Copyright Marian Jones 08/05

Another Day is Ending

When the sun sets in the West,
The sky is streaked with gold,
Today is gone forever
Tomorrow, yet to unfold.

Each day we live is precious;
A gift from God above;
He feels that we are worthy
To know His wondrous love.

Through trials and tribulations
He gives us strength to cope
And days are always brighter
When hearts are full of hope.

So, when the sun sets in the West
And another day is ending,
Tomorrow we can thank the Lord
For gifts that He'll be sending.

Copyright Marian Jones 8/03


You cannot search for happiness,
It comes from deep within;
It's not the things you purchase
Or the battles that you win.

It's counting all your blessings,
Accepting what you've got.
Not wanting more and more,
Being happy with your lot.

When you wake to greet each day
With contentment in your heart,
This will bring you much more joy
Than owning priceless works of art.

For though the things you buy
Can bring you lots of pleasure,
Being happy deep inside
Is by far the greatest treasure.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Chance Encounter

You turn and walk towards me;
That old twinkle in your eye.
I recognize you straight away
And the years go flashing by.

You were so very handsome
When we were young and free;
You still retain your looks,
Though some wrinkles I can see.

When I gaze into your eyes
I seem to see a longing there.
Is it imagination,
Or do you really care?

Once more we'd met by chance,
Had fate decreed it so?
Do you need my love again
Or shall I let this moment go?

Is it nothing but a dream;
A foolish fantasy?
Yet when I look into your eyes
My soul's reflection I can see.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

My Dream

I wish I could see all nations
Gathering in love and peace,
Reaching out to each other;
Hatred and wars all cease.

Oh what a celebration,
God would smile on the earth,
Happy to know that His people
Found joy in their place of birth.

I wish I could watch strangers
Embracing one another,
Knowing God meant them to be
To each a sister and brother.

Well I may be a dreamer,
But dreams can often come true,
So I'll just imagine I'll see,
God walking with me and you.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

The Little Things

Thank you God for little things
That bring much joy our way,
Like a sudden burst of sunshine
Cleansing a sky of grey

A kindness from a stranger,
Children's laughter as they play;
There are so many little things
That brighten up each day.

Things we take for granted,
Like someone's thoughtful deed:
A perfect flower unfolding
Amidst a patch of weeds.

So at the end of every day
When we turn to God and pray
Let's thank Him for the little things,
He loves to send our way.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


Take time to greet the dawn,
Watch the light appear up high,
As an orange sun starts rising
In the Eastern sky.

Listen to the birds sing
Welcoming the morn,
Feel the magic in the air
As a brand new day is born.

Creatures are awakening
As clouds are lit with gold,
Another day to thank our God
For the beauty we behold.

In the world where we abide,
Life spent rushing here and there;
We lack time to stop and ponder
On the beauty everywhere.

So may today be special
As the morning comes in sight;
Living every single moment,
'Til day returns to night.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Touched By An Angel

My soul was touched by an angel
Bringing me comfort and peace;
In the still hours of the night
I felt the day's tension release.

I was so aware of her presence
Heard the flutter of tiny wings;
I felt such joy in my heart,
By the love a sweet angel brings.

She soothed my furrowed brow
With a gentle touch on my face;
Whispering words of love
She was truly my saving grace.

The worries of the day receded
As the angel drew close to me,
And from the light of the moon
Her beautiful face I could see.

The radiance of her smile,
Was such a breathtaking sight;
I felt so safe in her presence,
As she softly whispered "Goodnight".

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Song for You

I composed a song today
In memory of our love,
The words they came so easily
As if from Heaven above.

I sang it to the sky,
And wondered if you heard,
It seemed to echo sweetly,
In the warbling of a bird.

I walked and sang alone
Pretending you were near,
The song was just for you,
I wonder did you hear?

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

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