As evening draws her cloak of grey
Across the golden sky,
And tired eyes are closing
To a gentle lullaby.
May angels all surround you
And guard you through the night,
To bring you peaceful sleep,
Until the early morning light.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


As I lay my head to rest,
I ponder on my day.
Have I tried to do my best,
Helped someone along the way?

Did I always wear a smile,
Count the blessings I've had?
Would I have walked an extra mile
To help a friend who's sad?

Have I used, my eyes to see
The earth in all its splendor,
My ears to hear the birds
Sing their songs so sweet and tender?

Have I realized my worth,
That God has plans for me?
Did I pray for Him to guide me,
To be the best that I could be?

Every night I kneel in prayer,
I thank God for my day
And ask for His forgiveness,
If I erred along the way.

by Marian Jones


God give me inspiration
Your wisdom to impart,
Give me words to praise you
Place them in my heart.

Help me to be humble
Deliver me from sin,
So when I search my soul
I'll find your peace within.

Don't let others lead me
In ways I should not go,
Give me strong resistance
To help my spirit grow.

If I should move away
From the path you chose for me,
Guide me safely back
To the place where I should be.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001


Close your eyes and open your heart
Relax and let your worries depart,
Know that the Father is caring for you
Giving you strength to carry you through.

Ask for His guidance as you live each day
Trusting in Him to show you the way;
Soon you will find your worries all cease
Bringing you joy through God's perfect peace.

Copyright Marian Jones - 2003